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Since we're pointing fingers here! Smdh. #DylannRoof

28 1 Sep 26, 2017

Smfh 1st #JamesComey speaks at #howarduniversity Now this. These coons are delusional to think we cant see these #blackboule devils are sellouts.. #SteveBannon Slated To Speak At #BlackEntrepreneursSummit Former Trump campaign aide #CoreyLewandowski is also on the schedule. #WASHINGTON ― Steve Bannon, the far-right news executive and confidante to President #DonaldTrump, is scheduled to speak at an event for black entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C., this month. Bannon is listed as a speaker at the economic policy summit for the group Black Americans For A Better Future. The gathering is billed as offering “a Republican vision for creating opportunities for black entrepreneurs,” according to the invitation. Black Americans For A Better Future is a super PAC that describes itself as a vehicle to “get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party.” It’s run by COON #RaynardJackson, an African-American GOP consultant. “We just want a fair chance to compete in this American system called capitalism,” Jackson told HuffPost, pointing specifically to helping black entrepreneurs get some of the federal funding that will come from rebuilding cities that were hit by the recent hurricanes. Bannon recently stepped down as Trump’s chief strategist and returned to the far-right website, Breitbart, where he serves as executive chairman. Last year, Bannon called the site “a platform for the #altright,” a movement that has rebranded #whitenationalism under a more innocuous name. Shortly after, #DylannRoof massacred nine parishioners at a black church in #SouthCarolina in 2015, #Breitbart published an article glorifying the Confederate flag that Roof had idolized. Another article that appeared on the site called conservative writer Bill Kristol a “renegade Jew.” Jackson called Bannon a “good friend” who reached out to him about how to help out with his project. He recalled that Bannon readily agreed to his suggestion that he speak at the summit. “Steve and I have conversations about black entrepreneurs all the time,” Jackson said. “Again, most people forget about Steve having a #WallStreet background. Steve understands the economics of the

21 3 Sep 26, 2017

FREEMASON RITUAL FALSE FLAG / FAKE NEWS - the governor of Tennessee celebrates his last birthday 33 days ago. Currently 3083 weeks old. Tennessee 80,833 days old. The Emmanuel Methodist Church shot up 830 days ago. Now Emmanuel shoots up a church? From yesterday's church shooting to the 3 year anniversary of Roof's shooting, 38 weeks. OK. ------------------------------------------- Dylan's birthday 174 days ago. 47/74 the most important numbers in freemasonry behind 33. The freemason compass set at 47 degrees. The tropics that mark the path of the sun, 47 degrees apart. 🔔🔔🔔 The English language is based on this system of coding numbers in to words dating back to thousands of years. This ancient knowledge is kept hidden from the masses through the zionist controlled education system. The freemasonic zionists that control our government script American history decades in advance by the number coding system of gematria and numerology. 🔔🔔🔔 #hoax #fakenews #falseflag #churchshooting #churchshootings #tennesseechurch #tennesseechurchshooting #tennesseeshooter #emanuelsamson #emmanuelsamson #dylannstormroof #dylannroof #charlestonchurchshooting #emanuelksamson #emanuelkadegasamson #chaka #amerikkka #boycottamerica #boycottamerikkka #freemasons #masons #princehallmasons #blacklives #chakabars #ubnews #ubnewz #coincidencetheorist

46 9 Sep 26, 2017

We all know that My Friend Dahmer is gonna be bangin'

16 1 Sep 25, 2017
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