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🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ⁶𓅓 ⁶𓅓 ⁶𓅓 ⁶𓅓 ⁶0V0 ⁶0V0 #mood #ovo #ovoxo #takecare #blessed #grateful #6god #drake #drizzy #lit #drinkingeverynight #because #wedrinktomyaccomplishments #snakesarealwaysgoingtobesnakes 🐍🐍🐍

32 0 Oct 23, 2017

champagnepapi calling the shots as always! #champagnepapi #drakefanpage #drizzy #drizzydrake #ovo #ovogangforlife

1 0 Oct 23, 2017

5 years ago today (10.22.17) Kendrick Lamar’s second studio album “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City was released 🔥🔥🔥 champagnepapi kendricklamar

59 3 Oct 23, 2017

#drizzy officials @@🆕 arts Is coming.... $ #lavalava 4lf # super samy Omba upendweeewee #paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah . Is loading........

2 0 Oct 23, 2017

Haven’t posted in awhile debating on what to do.... #ovo #drake #drizzy #drakefollowme #champagnepapi #squad #signme

5 0 Oct 23, 2017

#Drizzy at birthday dinner with Mama Graham & Uncle Steve.

84 0 Oct 23, 2017

Friendship goal😍 _____________________________________________ #drake #theweekend #hotlinebling #drizzy #concert #toronto #usa #canada #friends #love #togheter #handshake

14 0 Oct 23, 2017

happy one month my love! this is a little late but spare me & my heart ok? anyhow, it's been the best month i've had so far. especially because it was with you. you make me so so happy, even before we started dating, but you do make me the happiest girl. you're such a sweetheart and i get to see that everyday. you always bring out the best in me, even if i'm not in a good mood. we have so much in common and i truly can call you my soulmate. lately we haven't been able to talk much because you're sick :( but it's okay you'll get better and we'll be alright. honestly, i didn't think i was easily going to have feelings for someone, but when i met you, it was different. i was kind of nervous to talk to you in the first place, i'm never the one to make the first move but i'm glad i did. although we didn't talk for a while and just hyped each other's intro every time one was just left it at that. i started to like you and i didn't deny it once it that the feelings were real or not. i didn't want to admit it though only because i didn't think you really liked me back. but at the beginning of last month after i finished switching accounts we started acting coupley which came out of nowhere and i thought it was flirting and yeah you know im one up for that especially because duh it's ashton fr. then we just started posting about each other and calling the other baby, because it really do be like that. (and it still is) i have never been so protective over someone i care for until now, because you deserve the best that this world has to offer, but for now i'll give you the love i can offer. i hope i am the best for you and can continue to be that. you truly are light in my life, and i am so lucky to have you. not only as my boyfriend, but as my best friend. many more months to come with you ashton, i love you ♡ - celine

12 1 Oct 23, 2017

Coachella 💥

48 1 Oct 23, 2017

this theme ... yes Please

24 1 Oct 23, 2017
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