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When you in the carshow and suddenly see your drawing under the rear window 💜 #cars #drawings #carshow #rear #automotive #light #black #art #photography #photo #image #vibes #window #tuning #black

6 0 Sep 24, 2017

Here are a few tips on how to get more recognition for your art❤️ - - 1. USE HASHTAGS Hashtags are where you get most new followers and likers. Use hashtags that relates to what you post, so things like #/art #/drawing etc(remember that its max 30 hashtags in a caption). Its also smart to use feature account hashtags, many people look at those and you might even get featured. DM me for some good hashtags for a regular art account💞 - - 2. INTERACT WITH OTHER ACCOUNTS If you want new people to notice you, you should like and comment nice things on other art accs. Maybe like few pieces that you like on a m acc and comment something nice about one of their drawings. This way you spread positivity and love and you might even get a nice comment back😊 - - 3. POST REGULARLY Its important to post at least every 2-3 days or you will start loosing followers and drop off the radar. If you havnt drawn anything latly you can post an old drawing or something👍🏻 - - 4. POST THE SAME THINGS If you want your art account to grow you should post mostly art. A lot pf selfies or nature pics etc makes people who are here just for the art loose interest and unfollow. You can do this if you want to of course, this is just tips - - 5. MEET AND GREET POSTS Many feature or contest accounts post «meet and greet» posts. These are posts where you can comment and people will check out your account. You can also check out other accs in the comments. I think i will start doing these posts too, once a week😙 - - 6. ENTER CONTESTS Contests are a great way to get recognized. Even if you dont win you get a shoutout☺️ Here are a few active contest accs you can enter: Artzy_contestz Artcontest Armanta_artcontest Art.contests.comp Taste_this_art And me 😄 - - WHAT NOT TO DO 🚫ASKING FOR F4F, while this might work with some accs most will find it annoying and rude and it might do more harm than good 🚫DM people to check out your art and follow you, even ruder than f4f in my opinion 🚫have a privat acc, people like to look at some if your art before they follow. - Hope this helped some of you☺️😙

4 1 Sep 24, 2017
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