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0 0 Oct 18, 2017

#1 Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia⠀ ⠀ The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia's most well known and photographed landmarks. It is the world's largest steel arch bridge with the top of the bridge standing 134 metres above the harbour. It is fondly known by the locals as the 'Coathanger' because of its arch-based design.⠀ ⠀ The Bridge has an interesting past including its official opening on 19 March 1932. Before the NSW Premier, the Honourable John 'Jack' T. Lang, could cut the ribbon to signify the opening of the Harbour Bridge, Captain Francis De Groot of the political group The New Guard slashed the ribbon with his sword. Captain De Goot believed that the only person to open the Bridge should be a member of the Royal Family. Captain De Goot was detained, the ribbon tied together, and the Premier then officially cut the ribbon.⠀ ⠀ As many as 800 families living in the Bridge's path were relocated and their homes demolished without any compensation given when the Bridge started construction. Sixteen workers lives were lost during construction of the Bridge.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #downunder #aussies #lightonthebarbie #TTT #bestplacestogo #travel #traveling #travelling #mytravelgram #travelphoto #travelphotography #worldphotography #holiday #vacation #picoftheday

17 0 Oct 18, 2017

Summer ready! ☀️ Generalnie to ciepło tu jest. Na zewnątrz. Temperatura może ze dwa razy w środku zimy spadła do 10 stopni, a poza tym średnio jest codziennie 20, w lecie ponad 30. Na zewnątrz. Bo w domu jest cały czas jak dla mnie jakieś 8. I jak siedzę w domu i piszę kilka godzin, to czasami wyglądam jak kloszard na Syberii. Zawinięta w gruby sweter, koc i z parującą herbatą w ręce, szukam rękawiczek. To dlatego dzisiaj, choć mam co robić, a jest dopiero środa, spakowałam się właśnie na plażę, bo w sobotę ma być 30 stopni. No co? Trzeba być przygotowanym na każdą ewentualność. A to po lewej? Tak, tak. To podusia! Będzie leżing plażing. 😂👙🏖✊🏻 #beach #summer #lato #downunder

19 0 Oct 18, 2017

After a few days off enjoying the Florida sun, we’re back on the road for our last shows for 2017 - Saginaw (MI) and Des Moines (IA) 🔥 🎩 #TheNakedMagicians

26 1 Oct 18, 2017

"The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life" #wednesdaywisdom 📸 taken at Phillip Island ⛰️ where you can see hundreds of little #pinguins! 🐧 • • • • • #oz #australia #DownUnder #phillipisland #nobbies #sea #wildthingyoumakemyheartsing #fairypinguins #littlepinguin #GreatOceanRoad #Victoria #visitaustralia #travel #wanderlust #reizen #travelaustralia

21 6 Oct 18, 2017

Adriana, our Aussie friend, offered to take us on a 4-day adventure to Mt Gambier- six hrs west of Melbourne. She said we’d get to experience real Australian-living and get to see WILD KANGAROOS. SIGN US UP! We hit the road and immediately I was clutching my camera and leaning so far forward that my face was on the windshield. Brandi was on HIGH ALERT and was screaming out his window “KANGAROOOSSS, WHERE ARE YOUUS?” She tried to explain that we wouldn’t see any for the next four hours but we were just too worked up. We kept searching and got angrier with each passing km. Brandi: “ADRIANA, what the fuck? We’ve seen like 20 roo-crossing signs and not a single roo” Adriana: “It’s not like they do exactly like the signs say!” Brandi: “do they even exist?! Did the tourism people just make them up to trick people into coming to this bullshit country??" So, we finally got to the last leg of the drive where she said we’d see “HEAPS of roos hopping all over.” I was picturing them EVERYWHERE, hopping alongside our car & waving hello! Brandi was apparently thinking the same because he asked if we could pull over once we arrived at the roo promised land so that we could pick up babies and feed them “flavored biscuits” which is what crackers are called downunda. Anyway, we got to the area where all of our dreams were supposed to come true and NOTHING. Just pine trees! Brandi: “You said there’d be here! THIS IS BULLSHIT! I WANT TO GO HOME! TURN THE CAR AROUND!” Mariel: “If I wanted to see dumb trees I would have stayed in Oregon!” Adriana: “They’re out there somewhere!” Brandi: “LIAR! I HATE IT HERE!” Mariel: “You promised. PROMISED!” Adriana: “Well we might not see them tonight, ok? But definitely tomorrow” Mariel: “Are you lying now or were you lying when you said we’d see some tonight?  HOW CAN I TRUST ANYTHING YOU SAY??” Our yelling never let up. We were putting A LOT of pressure on her; she knew the amount of complaining we were capable of over the next 4 days so she was DE-TERMINED. Then, 5km from Mt Gambier: AT LAST! Five ADORABLE roos were staring at us. IT WAS WONDERFUL, MAGICAL, SPECTACULAR! I screamed and cried SO MUCH! All Adriana said was “THANK FUCKING GOD!!!”

29 11 Oct 18, 2017

Since time always passes most rapidly when you're enjoying yourself we shouldn't be surprised that our time in Brisbane is already over. We just arrived in Newcastle and it feels like the time we spent with our friends went by way too quickly, after we'd been waiting for months to finally meet them. Hopefully the beach view in the morning will help us get over the goodbyes 😚 good night friends! 😴 . . . . . . . . . . #lifewelltraveled #welivetoexplore #travelersnotebook #nomadlife #twosundowners #travelers #travellingthroughtheworld #nomadcouple #adventurevisuals #exploretheglobe #awesome_earthpix #beachswing #wonderful_places #nomadgirl #getlost #greatoutdoors #downunder #adventuretravel #ourplanetdaily #australia #daintree #outsideculture #travelling #landscapelover #wildernessquest #beautifuldestinations #palmtree #powernap #goodnight #xeroshoes

148 0 Oct 18, 2017

Stared at a map of Australia for a while considering where we should explore next summer. It’s a freaking continent, so six weeks is not going to get us everywhere. And unlike America, there are a lot of parts without roads. So I’ve taken a step back. Way back. Because after a lot of thought and reflection, I know very little about Australia. Very close to nothing. (Those five years of watching Neighbours religiously really do not count. The Code probably brings me a few millimetres closer.) Yesterday, I burned through Bill Bryson’s Down Under. I thought it would be a good starter text before trying to take on some slightly more serious tomes, like this one: The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes. Any other good book recs for modern Australia?

1 1 Oct 18, 2017

marcmarquez93 & 26_DaniPedrosa speak about Phillip Island circuit! 🙂🙃 #DownUnder #AustralianGP ✊🏽

0 0 Oct 18, 2017

Airlie beach delivering the goods. ☀️🌊🏝

7 1 Oct 18, 2017

Tasmania Australia sunrise! by J.c. Hutchison #downunder #sunrise #windfarm

21 0 Oct 18, 2017

2 Wodka-Rivalen machen gemeinsame Sache für 🏳️‍🌈 👍🏼😍 #wodka #skyy #absolut #alcohol #drink #lgbtq #rainbow #marriage #gaymarriage #marketing #campaign #facebook #vodka #australia #sydney #downunder

11 0 Oct 18, 2017
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