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Sepi dotsbysigma on ihan liekeissä 😍 Tykkää jos olet samaa mieltä! ❤️

495 7 Jan 17, 2018

Another successful day full of consultations. Here’s a quick photo I took as I was fitting this dragonfly design on Sandra. ☺️💎

609 16 Jan 15, 2018

Always wanted to visit Iceland and I guess now I’ve officially done it. 💎 Thanks joona.saastamoinen for taking me there! 👊😎 #dotsbysigma #iceland

468 5 Jan 14, 2018

Healed - Cute little peony tattoo I made for Marika last year. 😍

472 11 Jan 11, 2018

Today was a success - It was filled with consultations and fitting sessions. All 16 of you showed up, thank you for that! 🙏 Here’s a quick photo of one interesting upcoming project with Oskari. ☺️

1011 23 Jan 9, 2018

Älyttömän hieno työ Sepiltä! 😍 Kannattaa seurata dotsbysigma mikäli tämän tyyliset mielyttää silmää. Hyvää alkanutta viikkoa!

429 7 Jan 8, 2018

Available - The design is quite scalable so there’s many possible placement options. I’m thinking forearm, calf, back of the hand etc. 🤔 Email me if interested dotsbysigma 🙌

576 18 Jan 7, 2018

Kiitos / Thank you! 🙏 #dotsbysigma

475 17 Dec 20, 2017

LUUKKU #19: 🎁 JOKAISEEN TÄNÄÄN OSTETTUUN 300€ DOTS BY SIGMA dotsbysigma LAHJAKORTTIIN LISÄTÄÄN +150€ JOULULAHJAKSI (Huom! Lahjakorttia ei voi käyttää jo hinnoiteltuihin projekteihin) - Lävistysliike avaa jokavuotiseen tapaan 24 joulumieltä ja -tarjouksia sisältävää lukkua. Iloista joulunodotusta! P.S. Kiltit tykkääjät, kommentoijat ja jakajat saavat joulupukilta saamiemme tietojen mukaan eniten lahjoja jouluna. #lävistysliike #lävistysliikeofficial #lävistysliikkeenjoulukalenteri2017 #mechelininkatu #helsinki #dotsbysigma #dotwork #dotworktattoo

276 6 Dec 19, 2017

Peony for h69h_ Decided spontaneously to add some red. Not something I usually do, but I’m super pleased on the outcome. ☺️ Thanks Emmi for trusting my vision!

485 12 Dec 17, 2017

A little behind the scenes, a sneak peak in to my sketchbook. 👨‍🎨

463 5 Dec 14, 2017

🌜"When we live under a Balsamic Moon, we are offered a entire lifetime of oppoturnity to come to terms with "letting go" and surrendering in absolute trust and openness to the Flow. Gradually, we get that "control" is not something we actually have, and more importantly, it is not something we need. We will have many oppoturnities to make our peace in and with many endings. Part of this is releasing those who leave our lives with blessings, holding them close to us in a forgiveness and love, giving them all the space they apparently need. We too have needed the space, though we so often did not know why." 🌜Balsamic Moon phase happening right now. 😌☝🏻💫✨ #BalsamicMoon #natal #astrology #suninlibra #mooninvirgo #planetsandshit #whitetattoo #tattooed #dotwork #DotsbySigma #moon #numerology #luckynumber8 #tothemoonandback #infinity

56 2 Dec 14, 2017

I don't usually repost but when I do it's for free tattoo 😂😅🎆 #jouluwindala #lävistysliike #dotsbysigma #luukkuauki

9 2 Dec 12, 2017

I want, i want!!! #jouluwindala #dotsbysigma #lävistysliike #joulukalenteri

21 0 Dec 12, 2017

A little headsup - There might be something interesting going on lavistysliike profile tomorrow. 🎅🏻

463 2 Dec 11, 2017

Koi fish tattoo for cladee_ We added this on her other calf to go nicely with the ocean theme she already got going on. ☺️ Swipe to get the full picture!

488 7 Dec 10, 2017
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