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Normalmente no juego los tan famosos retos, pero debo admitir que me uno a este porque es interesante documentar cuánto uno puede cambiar en solo 7 años. De pasar a no tener una sola arruga a tener ya las primeras "patas de gallo" alrededor de los ojos. Pasar de tener cara de guagua a tener cara de suegro. Y pasar de ser muy feo, a ser medio feo nomás. #comoelvino #documentary #documentaryphotography #photography #photooftheday #gettingold #gettingolder #lasarrugas #lasarrugasyasenotan

0 0 Apr 29, 2017

Ry and Joe race training this whip, sunset, mint session 👊 #staystrong #mbmx #renegadebmxcrew #bmx #bmxracing #olympusuk #i2ipix #documentaryphotography #sportsphotography #meybo #Manchester #train #sunset

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SUB, ID. I've just ate grapes with the seeds still in, will I poo grape sprout then? Lol Because science is dead.

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Untitled. 2017

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#BrasilemGreve #28A - Terceirização: Em nota técnica, o MPT diz que a terceirização de atividade-fim caracteriza intermediação ou locação de mão de obra, com a interposição de terceiro entre sujeitos da prestação de trabalho, reduzindo o trabalhador à condição de objeto. Dúvida? Converse com um terceirizado. Foto: Ingrid Barros / Coletivo Nódoa

11 1 Apr 29, 2017

Ulysses S. Grant, sometimes referred to as "U.S. Grant" or "Unconditional Surrender Grant" was born yesterday in 1822. His biography seems to have an unusually high proportion of ups and downs, and perhaps there is something to learn from him and his life. What I like about Grant's Tomb is how infrequently visited it is; if you're looking for a quiet corner of Manhattan you could do worse, especially in the warmer months. The individual in this photograph, taken this afternoon, seemed to be assessing the size and scope of the memorial.

7 1 Apr 29, 2017

Over the last twelve months I have been working on a new series called Reorder. It's a look into how technologies like smart phones are changing us. From the way we interact with our surrounds to our body language and gestures. For the next little while I'll be sharing some of the images from the series . . . . #streetphotography #photostreet #bnw_street #streetview #streetportrait #documentaryphotography #documentary #streetscene #photostory #reorder #photoessay #myfeatureshoot #lensculture #blackandwhite #streetleaks #everydayaustralia

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