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11 1 Mar 23, 2018

#Repost thatbigguy700 with get_repost ・・・ Enough said.... What's your reason? #fitfam #workoutmotivation #motivation #determination #gym

2 0 Mar 23, 2018

We are all about learning new things. Nothing is more exciting then doing something new, that is what drives us. 💪🏻 #driven

0 1 Mar 23, 2018

Most times when people think of Submission It's In Marriage but now Days people Do married things with Temporary people expecting things to last only to get their feelings Hurt..Some Guys don't want Submission they want to Control a woman and that's a Big difference..Some Women don't want to submit to their Husband And actually be a Helpmate..When a woman submits unto her husband, she is actually submitting unto God (Ephesians 5:22). A woman therefore does not submit because her husband deserves it in his own merit- she submits because she knows it is pleasing to her Lord. There will be times when a woman needs to submit, and her husband does not deserve it from a human perspective. But by divine right, God set the man as leader and a woman can trust that God is good. She can also know that nothing escapes God’s notice, and a wicked man will be held accountable for his actions..Some women are not satisfied with this. They want to be in charge. But realistically, marriage cannot work this way. Unity requires relational structure. We see this pattern in other relationships. But submission is never a sign of value. Jesus submitted to the will of His Father (Matthew 26:39). It would be heresy to say that Jesus is of lesser value than the Father. They are One, and Jesus cannot be of lesser value. His submission had nothing to do with His valueit had to do with God-ordained structure. It is the same with husband and wife. Submission takes humility. It also takes a lot of prayer and relying on the Holy Spirit. But so does Godly leadership. Women can look unto Jesus as an example, and reflect His love and Self-sacrifice as they lovingly choose to submit unto the husband God has placed in their life BlaxkpoetryTherapy Soulfood #Therapy #unconditionallove #dedication #growth #relationships #determination #motivation #truth #relationships #christianblogger #instagood #marriage #israelites #hiphop #dailybread

2 0 Mar 23, 2018

Been a crazy few weeks at SFG with so many fights but this week is on another level.. Kona Kavaefiafi the man with literally every excuse to not be fighting, about 10 injuries with the heart of a lion is an understatement one of our hardest working athletes fighting main event tomorrow vs Stan Tuionuku a guy who NO ONE IN AUS wanted to fight so we decided there the fights we always take at SFG. Arthur Galstyan fighting also making his 5 year comeback fighting an undefeated opponent. Then Saturday night we have about 5/6 guys fighting on another big show. Humble warriors #CantStopWontStop

5 1 Mar 23, 2018

... becoming a legend starts within you... Is either you train yourself to be a fowl that is terrestrial or an eagle that soars high... #passion #Agility #determination #sportslover #artist #lover #oaustudent hiszzy_photography">#📷 hiszzy_photography

1 0 Mar 23, 2018

I never want to look back on life and say I wish I would have done this or tried that 💪💪💣💥 #REDCON1 #RealTalk #WorkHard #WorkOut #Motivation #Dedication #Determination #Strength #Progress #Goals #Gymaddict #Gymaholic #Gym #GoldsGym #BodyBuilding #Focus #Gains #Gymlife #FitnessLifeStyle #Fitness #NeverGiveUp #NeverBackdown

19 1 Mar 23, 2018
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