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Do high ceilings make you feel uplifted, open, and expansive - or lost, small, unanchored?⠀ +⠀ No matter how beautiful a space is - and I think this one is just lovely! - it's important to pay attention to how YOU feel in spaces. ⠀ +⠀ On the Style With Intention podcast today, we're talking about "How To Live In a High Energetic Vibration" - which simply requires that you pay attention to what feels right to you.⠀ +⠀ Click on the link in my profile to listen right away to episode #13 or come visit me at⠀ ⠀ ⠀ gorgeous room! from townandcountrystyle⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

24 3 Jan 17, 2018

Computer work done, newsletters and adverts written ... and even time to create something just for fun ❤️ Starring Winnie of course! #digitalscrapbooking #designerdigitals #digitalart #imakestuff #designhappy #bestdogever #winnie

31 2 Jan 17, 2018

You know that rockstar feeling you get when you're doing things that make you feel like your truest, best, most authentic SELF? ⠀ +⠀ Good stuff happens! You get more done. You have more fun. You're at peace and hopeful and happy. ⠀ +⠀ This is what I call high "vibe" living.⠀ +⠀ We’ve got a new episode all about this! Listen in to the Style With Intention podcast, episode #13 to find out "How To Live In A High Energetic Vibration."⠀ +⠀ It isn't as woo-woo or complicated as you might think. A nice chair. A cup of tea. A good book. A pretty flower. What's your secret weapon?⠀ +⠀ Click the link in my profile to listen right away or visit me over at ⠀

20 1 Jan 17, 2018

We all just want to feel good, right?⠀⠀ +⠀⠀ Well, did you know that your energetic vibration and emotions are intricately connected? THEY ARE! ⠀⠀ +⠀⠀ And this is what determines how you experience the world!!!...there are ways to reach for higher vibrational energy and have better experiences! ⠀⠀ +⠀⠀ It’s not as woo-woo as you might think! Today, on the Style With Intention Podcast, I’m sharing all about vibrational energy and how we can use it to live happier lives. ⠀⠀ +⠀⠀ There’s a link to the podcast in my profile - come on over and listen to episode #13 - or visit me over at⠀⠀

12 1 Jan 17, 2018

Un conejito especial esta por llegar 🐰 #babyshower #petertherabbit #Invitations #VNSA #designhappy

6 0 Jan 16, 2018

Woke up to snow here in Boston and thought this little nook would be a perfect place to spend the day!⠀ +⠀ I've created my own "nook" at home in the corner of my sofa, next to the window, with plenty of down pillows and a soft throw. (Truth: in my favorite pj's way too long today!)⠀ +⠀ I've got my coffee, laptop, journal, and books all set up and ready to keep me entertained for hours.⠀ +⠀ Anyone else have plans to cozy in today?⠀ +⠀ Image from: Pinterest/pin/109212359686003841/)⠀

17 2 Jan 15, 2018

These candle holders are my favorite Christmas gift from my daughter (she found them in a thrift shop!!!)⠀ +⠀ They're lighting up this cold winter for me and warming my heart as I think about her spending the semester in a land far, far away!⠀ +⠀ Saying goodbye is soooo hard, even when I’m soooo happy she’s going⠀ on an incredible adventure.⠀ +⠀ Post an emoji to let me know how you feel when you're kids are away...⠀ ⠀

38 8 Jan 13, 2018

You're never as stuck as you think you are...⠀ ⠀ What’s the emoji that makes you feel all TCB ("takin care of business") and ICHT ("I can handle this")!!!???!!! My fav is: 💃

28 3 Jan 11, 2018
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