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Close up of the scalp in a 55 year old female with diagnosis of chronic telogen effluvium or "CTE". Women with CTE notice increased daily hair shedding. At first meeting, affected patients often appear to have good hair density. Typically, further questioning reveals that hair density was 40-50 % higher before the shedding started indicating that patients once had extremely thick hair. The cause is not well understood. Treatment can be challenging but includes minoxidil, low level laser therapy, platelet rich plasma, biotin, lysine and a variety of other supplements. Hair shedding for many affected patients can continue for many years.


Triple your lash density and make your eyes pop


Using color pencil to add some depth and density to the centers of the larger figures.need more


PRECIOUS CARGO: A group of scientists are developing a low-density foam liner for NIF targets intended to neutralize what they believe is one of the bigger challenges to achieving ignition.-The goal is to limit hohlraum wall motion -- the problematic physics that come with forcing nearly two megajoules of energy into the hohlraum in a few billionths of a second. If the density of the foam is low enough, having a well-behaved hohlraum could be just around the corner.-"If you want to take a big step forward," said physicist Cliff Thomas, "then you typically need something else -- a new set of tools -- and foams are one of the technologies we think can really push the boundaries of what is possible."-Read more at #lasers #nif #physics #fusion #bigscience #research #technology #foam #hohlraum #fusionenergy #energy


Tinting can help add the appearance of density ......... #freshwax #browwax #browtinting #brows #reflectocilbrows #scottsdalebrows


Amazing 9 Layer Density Tower - Sick Science! Follow howtobrain for more.Here is what you need:- A Large Glass Vase- Honey- Corn Syrup- 100% Maple Syrup- Whole Milk- Dish Soap- Water- Vegetable Oil- Rubbing Alcohol- Lamp Oil- 9 Cups- A Turkey Baster- Food Coloring- A Bolt- A Popcorn Kernel- A Die- A Cherry Tomato- Some Beads- A Soda Bottle Cap- A Ping Pong Ball-Adult SupervisionFor years we have been making seven layer density columns. We challenged our team to not only add two more liquids, but add seven objects that would float at different levels. The outcome... the Amazing 9 Layer Density Tower!Want more experiments like this? Check out Sick Science is a trademark of Steve Spangler, inc. 2010 Steve Spangler Science all rights reservedFor all the steps visit stevespangler stevespanglerscience #disapearingcolors #colorwheel #sciencetrick #science #fastmotion #magic #magictrick #opticalillusion #magicillusion #sickscience #stevespanglerscience #isseeingbelieving #amazing #amazingillusion #awesomescience #in15sec #15sec #in15seconds #howtobrain #H2B


Full lacefront Wig 150% Density Ceejays Braid & Weave Studio ceejaysbraidstudio (631)960-8051


Thank you for your rave review #modernfan sesamestreetfood!! "Best cannoli in Boston! Perfect sweetness, awesome ricotta flavor with great cream density and smoothness. Modern Pastry is the best of the best."


Arms have been a big focus for me this offseason (along with back and delts). Trying to bring more size and density. #TBT 3 days out of Gov Cup #Lionhearted #2ezmeals


#drop from #waterjet #cutting some 2-inch #renshape material. This stuff mimics the density of bone, and is used for testing #medical #tools like #bonesaw and #drill . #kalamazoowaterjet #omax


The #Nike #AirMax 90 Ultra elevates the original with a multi-density foam upper for a structured look. Now available at #FOOTSTREET #AIRMAXWEEK
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