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Bu hafta carsamba gecesi konumuz ~dennis nilsen~ dersinize calismayi unutmayin :) yerimiz kisitli oldugu icin rezervasyon yaptirmayi unutmayin. #cinayet #balat #maksatmuhabbetolsun #fener #coffeeshop #cay #specialtycoffee #sahlep #turkishcoffee #sicakcukulata #gizem #serikatil #dennisnilsen

49 0 Dec 11, 2017

According to the reporter, events social group Journalists' Club , "Dennis Nilsson" in 1983 on charges of murder and sexual assault chain brutally arrested and tried.He chose his victims, all of whom were male and female, from homeless people in London between 1970 and 1983, and after having an unethical relationship with them, in some cases, his captives were for those who would like to have sex together Owned, rented. Denis, after reaching his unethical goals, killed and sliced ​​the victims and, after cooking, provided his meals and his captives.This panic house, located at Mass. Hill in northern London, was swept away from the list of sales or leases of unknown applicants from the same time (1983).Police at the time avoided any changes, with emphasis on the maintenance of the furnishings and supplies of this horror house, which included the bed and table, and the tools on which the victims were slaughtered.Denis Nilsson has been charged with at least 15 murderous cases during a six-year period. The police at that time arrested Denis while he was cooking the heads of his victims inside a large dish in the kitchen.According to the latest information recorded after the police investigation was filed, this terrible crime was revealed when the owners of houses that were a few miles from this horror house complained about the obstruction of sewage outlets, and each time these complaints became more and more.After breaking the pipe, the water authorities were horrified to see that the sewage blockage was violated, seeing the broken bones of the hands and feet and the face that led to the closure of the sewage outlet in these canals.The presence of police began quarantining the area for large-scale research at that time and led to their arrival at the Masowill Hill in London. According to a police report, "Denis Nilsson" threw corpses in order to destroy his bathroom. Nilsson was sentenced to death in a controversial trial of brutal killings of at least15 people. Also, the panic house was sold by the police at a low price, and the most horrific criminal case was closed. --- #dennisnilsen #serialkiller #serialkillers #psychokiller #truecrime #crimes #criminal

23 1 Dec 9, 2017

Hard at work for my first group exhibition in London in January ‘18! Foggy Day With Denis Nilsen House #art #collageartist #artporn #groupexhibition #leydengallery #dennisnilsen #londonvisions #emergingartist

92 2 Dec 1, 2017

I wonder if they would have enjoyed each others company... 👬 Image Description: "Dennis Nilsen is a serial killer from England who is often compared to Jeffrey Dahmer. Between 1978-1983, Nilsen killed 15 men whom he took out on dates. He kept their corpses because, like Dahmer, his motive was loneliness. Both Nilsen and Dahmer were necrophiliacs." #DennisNilsen #JeffreyDahmer #SerialKiller #SerialKillers #England #America #Necrophilia #Necrophiliacs #Corpses #Dead #Bodies #DeadBodies #Death #TedBundy #RichardRamirez #EdKemper #AlbertFish #Homicide #SerialHomicide #Killing #Murder #Sadism #Crime #TrueCrime #TrueCrimeCommunity #Scary #Creepy #Gore #Psychology #Horror

1081 13 Dec 1, 2017

DENNIS NILSEN THE KINDLY KILLER VICTIMS= 15 SPREE= 1978-83 LOCATION= England SENTENCE= Life imprisonment Former policeman Nilsen would invite young men back to his home and get them drunk. He would wait for his victims to fall asleep then strangle them. He would then clean and dress the body and keep it in his home. At one point he had five victims bodys in his house. Nilsen was finally arrested when his drains got blocked and human remains were found. Police found the remains of Nilsen last two victims in plastic bags in his top floor flat. Nilsen is still serving his life sentence and will never be released. (72)

25 2 Nov 30, 2017

If you get this.. then we are best friends. #jeffreydahmer #dennisnilsen #serialkiller #serialkillers #love #bestfriendgoals #cannibals #stepbrothers

99 6 Nov 29, 2017

Dennis Nilsen was a British serial killer who took 15 men out on nice dates--then killed them. His motive was loneliness. After each murder he would wash their bodies and then place them around his house, in armchairs, on the bed, or at the kitchen table, as if they were roommates. He would also have sex with the bodies. He dismembered their bodies to dispose of them, which is how he got caught. There was a blockage at his apartment complex, and a plumber found bones and remains in the pipes. #dennisnilsen #serialkiller #killer #murderer #murder #crime #truecrime #british #Britain #greatbritain #madeformidnight

10 0 Nov 22, 2017

This young army chef went on to murder men and boys in the 1970’s and 1980’s in the UK. The number of victims has always been disputed but ranges from 12 up to 16+. Also known as the “kindly killer”, Dennis was finally detained in February 1983 when a drain specialist, investigating a blockage at the property Dennis rented, found quantities of dissected human flesh in the sewer and contacted the police. He remains incarcerated at a maximum security prison in England and will turn 72 years old next week. #dennisnilsen #serialkiller #serialkillers

38 2 Nov 18, 2017

I couldn't possibly think of a more appropriate way to start my day. #whiskeyinmycoffee #dennisnilsen #killingforcompany #jameson

42 4 Nov 11, 2017

Prison letters.

33 4 Nov 6, 2017

“I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens.” Woody Allen #Lobbyofhell #shorttriptohell #sociopath #psychology #psycho #disturbed #mental #death #info #fyi #necrophilia #knife #torture #rip #dennisnilsen #picoftheday #zombies

18 0 Oct 30, 2017

Was out for a run today, and decided to do a bit of sightseeing! 23D Cranley Gardens, near Muswell Hill (London), where serial killer Dennis Nilsen murdered at least 3 of his victims, and then kept them around for a while afterwards for sexual and companionship reasons, to then cut them up and dissolve them in acid in his bath tub! Seems like a pleasant fellow! Excuse the crappy selfie, had to be quick before the current tenants noticed there was some idiot taking pictures of their house! #dennisnilsen #serialkillers

59 8 Oct 20, 2017

Dennis Nilsen's old apartment on Muswell Hill. Don't flush the flesh of your victims down the toilet, it clogs the drains. Just a good advice. #dennisnilsen #serialkiller #muswellhill #thekindlykiller

14 2 Oct 5, 2017

'Yorkshire brunch' Devil's Egg on tour. Bonus points for eating this mere minutes away from Donald Neilson's house

19 1 Sep 30, 2017
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