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Taylor!! It's your birthday! You're 28?! That seems impossible to say. Wasn't it just yesterday that you were dancing around stage singing "I'm feeling 22"?! I'm so happy that I've been blessed to watch you grow up, and to grow up with you. From age 9, to now age 19, your music has been a constant part of my life. I cried with you over the boy who should've said no, and yelled Fifteen at the top of my lungs trying to keep myself from falling in love with someone who was going to change his mind (it didn't work). But you were right, at fifteen I had no idea who I was supposed to be. And I still don't. But you've taught me that that's okay. My sister and I like to joke that there's a Taylor song for every single part of my life, but it really is true. You have a song for everything. This year I have very strongly related to your poetry. You're such a beautiful writer, and I adore the way your emotions roll off of the page when I read your work. I would love to talk to you about poetry sometime, as a writer myself. You've been through so much, and these past two years especially have been a ride. I'm so proud of the way you have stood up for yourself, and for what you believe in, without hesitation. You're such an inspiration, to me and so many others. I cried reading your interview in Time, for Person of the Year. Thank you, for being a Silence Breaker. I'm proud of you. 💙 I'm so happy to see you happy, and confident, and just solid in yourself. You deserve it so so much. I hope you have a wonderful 28th birthday, my wonderful, beautiful friend. I'll see you May 22nd, in Seattle, and I'll be counting down the days! I love you. 💖 taylorswift taylornation

5 1 Dec 14, 2017

Delicadeza da renda 💕 #fashionpost #lookdodia #trend #renda #blusaderenda #delicate

1 0 Dec 14, 2017

I’ve gotten a little bit further with this one. It’s sometimes challenging bringing your imagination to life. I am so eager to see the outcome! #art #painting #acrylicpainting #flowerportrait #flowerpower #flowers #wcw #soft #delicate #brave #powerful #blackart

5 0 Dec 14, 2017

❄️ Feeling the cold ❄️ Thought I might just post this up! A different size and a different colour delicate electric blue lines on the surface of the leather. It looks like it has been frozen in time!! #iceage #delicate #classicstyle #blue #cold #purses #surface #pattern #stripes #lines #textile #leathergoods #madeinengland #madeinkent #Made #handmade #designermaker #makerslife #madetoorder #shopsmall #shoplocal #gifts #specialoccasion #everyday

6 0 Dec 14, 2017

Złote diamenty 💎 Cudne kolczyki, złoto 585 #gold #diamonds #fashionjewellery #gifts #prezentyświąteczne #delicate

0 0 Dec 14, 2017

“I BURY HATCHETS, BUT I KEEP MAPS OF WHERE I PUT THEM.” - End Game #TS6 #Reputation #EndGame #TaylowSwift

4 1 Dec 14, 2017
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