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You're either with us or you're against us.Once one of my favorites but no more.Pissed and moaned his way out of the Burgh and then signed with our mortal enemy. Disappointing to see it end this way.Legend status revoked. #steelers #steelersnation #steelerspride #steelersforlife #steelersrideordie #steelersfan #steelersfanforlife #deadtomenow #anyonebutnewengland

19 5 Dec 28, 2017

thank you arbys for not letting me down. really wanted ramen tonight, but both ramen places at this mall have issues with how a seating wait list theoretically functions. and I eat a ton of ramen. #wehavethemeats #waitlistfail #noramenatpearlridge #deadtomenow

37 1 Dec 9, 2017

Never fails, when you put ppl before you, they always let you down.... #PutOthersFirst, need to read the fine print, BUT NEVER LET THEM TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU!!! Chopping that circle even smaller, done with some ppl... Try and help ppl, and they can't help themselves... #DontTakeThisSmileAsAWeakness, #DeadToMeNow, #SmallTownMentality, #HoodMind, #DeadLevel, #RemoveNegativePeopleFromYourLife.. Period. Now back to being Positive😎😎😎

29 2 Nov 27, 2017

Me when I have a no-call/no-show the week of Thanksgiving aka busiest week fit the hair salon. #deadtomenow behindthechair_com #hairstylistproblems #stfuclients

26 1 Nov 21, 2017

Whenever we get takeout I get Dead Tom Yum Gai, of course. 🍜 . . . . #dead_tom #skeleton #skull #tomyumsoup #tomyumgai #thai #thailand #thaifood #dinner #food #foodporn #yum #wine #takeout #treatyoself #deadtomenow

48 1 Oct 29, 2017

I just sold a sure you know how that feels. All good bikes have a good story. It took me on a very gnarly ride into some really weird places. 😳 The ol Surly LHT rolled me into the life I get to lead now, which is the best life - of fancier bikes, endless opportunities, more confidence. If it wasn't for this bike I would be a shithead I think. • 💩 I sold it to a friend pushbikingformentalhealth who is on her own crazy trip. She is on the second half of her journey from Perth to Sydney, crossing deserts and raising awareness for mental health. She is doing the best job and I'm really proud of her. Sticking to her guns, following through with a plan and giving it 100%. I'm amazed. • 😌 Of course it's a great cause. I know I have battled with the black dog in my life, I honestly think it is apart of being human, we all go through it at some point without proper care because we see it as a sign of weakness. And that's why we need people like pushbikingformentalhealth give her a boost no? To show your appreciation! she has a link to a website where you can find her donations page. 💰 Many blessings Surly girl. You the best. #deadtomenow

681 17 Oct 29, 2017
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