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This little lady with a large attitude is off to surlygoat this week to fill a vacant wall after a sale 😊

22 3 Sep 4, 2017

I can feel some art therapy coming on today...feeling the rage. And breathe 😬

26 2 Sep 2, 2017

Playing around with a vase of flowers today while it decides if it is going to snow again outside 😊

24 1 Aug 27, 2017

Background started for another channelling Monet #homedecoration #channellingmonet #abstract #painting #acrylicpainting #daylesfordartist #painting

21 6 Aug 23, 2017

A fabulous hour with kids creating owls from maps and old books. #workshop #kids #daylesford wordsinwinter visithepburnshire #library #daylesfordartist #daylesfordlibrary

23 0 Aug 5, 2017

Messing around with this woman tonight. A bit of a departure from the norm but fun 😊 #artlife #daylesford

37 7 Jul 19, 2017

Sunday art day ❤️ Listening to Nick Cave, eating cheese and drinking wine. Yes.

36 2 Jul 9, 2017

This image was taken about two years ago outside a supermarket in Bendigo. I was walking with my daughter sunday_spammm and we were talking about art and composition. I was explaining that it can be found everywhere and that anything can look better if it's placed properly within a frame. It comes down to the way the eye is led around a picture. In this case it's done through the use of elements such as leading lines, shapes, light/ shadow, contrasting colours and textures. I have a new Instagram profile shaun_guest_art where I'll be posting only this type of work. If your keen to follow come a check it out.

40 4 Jul 3, 2017
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