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We got to see David Sedaris last night. My cheeks still hurt from laughing. #davidsedaris

7 3 Nov 17, 2017

I love this glass. Received randomly yesterday. I can’t place the decade though. Fine Handiwork though 👌 #metalkprettyoneday #davidsedaris #therooster

1 0 Nov 17, 2017

Sometimes you just gotta pass out on a road trip. #roadtrip #tombrady #goat #davidsedaris #go

55 3 Nov 17, 2017

I saw David Sedaris at the Balboa Theater last night and I laughed so hard my abs hurt. We bonded afterwards over our Fitbit obsessions. He told me about his idea to make a device that women put in their vaginas that vibrates for 4 minutes everyday when they meet their step goals. He calls it a Clit Bit. Then he signed my book. I love him.

14 2 Nov 17, 2017

David Sedaris signed my book, and while we were chatting decided that Abbey needed the bone from his steak dinner. #davidsedaris #balboatheatre

12 1 Nov 17, 2017

Kara Timmins is proud of her signed book shelf, all good, but I would be remiss in failing to acknowledge the signed, short stack she has so generously given me. 🎁 #chiluly #sedaris #davidsedaris 📚📖❤️💜

3 0 Nov 17, 2017

Book 68 of 2017. ••• "When asked "What do we need to learn this for?" any high-school teacher can confidently answer that, regardless of the subject, the knowledge will come in handy once the student hits middle age and starts working crossword puzzles in order to stave off the terrible loneliness." ••• #MeTalkPrettyOneDay #DavidSedaris #bibliophile #bookstagram #instabook #bookworm #bookporn #igreads

54 2 Nov 17, 2017

"Every day we're told that we live in the greatest country on earth. And it's always stated as an undeniable fact: Leos are born between July 23 and August 22, fitted queen-size sheets measure sixty by eighty inches, and America is the greatest country on earth. Having grown up with this in our ears, it's startling to realize that other countries have nationalistic slogans of their own, none of which are 'We're number two!' " -David Sedaris (Me Talk Pretty One Day)

27 1 Nov 17, 2017

Got to visit with the #africanpenguins again this afternoon... then I was off to see #davidsedaris who was just perfect! Love him!

22 0 Nov 17, 2017

#gayple date with cawilgenbusch to hear David Sedaris. I laughed so hard my mascara ran down my face 🤣 #laugh #datenight #sandiego #balboatheatre #funny #davidsedaris #myabshurt

65 5 Nov 17, 2017

I don't often #fangirl out but when I do, it's for my all time favorite author, #davidsedaris!

6 0 Nov 17, 2017

David Sedaris #balboatheatersandiego #davidsedaris

7 2 Nov 17, 2017
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