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It was the most anticipated #fight of my young #boxing #life, when it finally materialized #OnThisDay 2011 in #Hamburg! ( #AroundThisTime) Hearing a decision around midnight after #WladimirKlitschko smashed #DavidHaye for 12rds was kind of dream come true for me after I had to listen all that trash talking of loud mouth Brit throughout my highschool years... Holding all of the belts in #KlitschkoFamily after this fight #dream of #KlitschkoBrothers was fulfilled! Tensions were high on the #FightNight, even watching it on TV, despite crappy commentary we had, you could feel the massive power of atmosphere in #Germany. Always a happy memory none the less! :)) #KlitschkoHaye #July2nd #Klitschko #KMihetecBoxingArt #BoxingArt #art #NeverForget


Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua go head-to-head for the unified heavyweight crown in front of 90,000 fans! “I don’t think it will go the distance,” David Haye exclusively told World Boxing News. mrdavidhaye :“It will be a fencing match for the first few rounds and Klitschko will do his usual thing of not engaging. I think he’ll use the jab at range and try to spoil it by grabbing and holding. “I hope Joshua will let his hands go and pressure the action even when Klitschko continues to clinch and grab. Hopefully, they have a strong referee who will deduct points because the last thing we want to see is Klitschko getting disqualified for holding. “But I see Joshua as too young and too fresh if he lets his hands go up close, as Klitschko doesn’t want to do that. Klitschko will just want to clinch every time. “If Joshua punches at him, in which case he should - and the referee is neutral and fair, he could disqualify Klitschko, so I think Joshua within the distance.” #JoshuaKlitschko #HayeBellew #wladimirklitschko #klitschko #anthonyjoshua #KlitschkoJoshua #England #WembleyStadium #London #championchip #heavyweight #boxing #davidhaye #tonybellew #klitschkohaye #champion #superchamp #teamklitschko #klitschkofansofficial #ukraine #kiev #klitschkofanclub


Wladimir: “Let me give you some advice. Don’t say anything about having a broken toe. That just makes you a sore loser” .Frank Warren: “He shouldn’t be in the fight if he had a broken toe. Why be a cry baby after the event? It’s ridiculous. When your title’s on the line you’ve got to give your all and he just didn’t do that. I thought it was quite embarrassing. You’d think he’d be a bit more gracious in defeat. The fans and people who may have had a bet on him were unaware of that and it’s wrong” .Frank Bruno: “If he had a broken toe I would advise him to pull out because a broken toe is your balance and it works everything. Without it, your balance goes. You can’t punch straight, you can’t balance yourself, you can’t even move” .Haye: "I was never going to pull out because of it. I couldn’t after pulling out two years ago with the back injury. It happened in training three weeks ago. I went to the gym one day, and the pain was unbearable. I couldn’t even put shoes on. My physio [Kevin Lidlow] looked at it and said it was broken. He said all I could do was have local anaesthetic for it. I’ve been wearing flip-flops for three weeks. I’d had anaesthetic which was meant to last two hours, before the fight, but it wore off after 35 minutes. I had to have another one in the dressing room. I just couldn’t push off from my right foot. I’ve had injuries before, but I have a good team around me who have been able to mask my injuries. Maybe my luck just ran out" .Adam Booth: "David was cut under his eye in sparring while preparing to face John Ruiz, and against Nikolai Valuev, he had a much more serious leg injury than the one he had against Wladimir for this fight. We are not saying David lost because of the toe injury. He lost because Wladimir was the bigger man, the better man on the night, and he landed more punches" .Carl Froch: "It was toe joke" . #boxing #britishboxing #boxinghistory #klitschkohaye #davidhaye #wladimirklitschko #кличко #украина #joshuaklitschko #boxingmemes #hayebellew #canelo #ggg #pacquiao #anthonyjoshua #miketyson #boxinglife #floydmayweather #conormcgregor #mma #boxinghype #boxeo #boxingday #boxingheads #fight #ko #бокс #letsgochamp

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