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#inktober #inktober2017 #day20 #deep How many times have you found lost deep inside yourself, not knowing if the true self is what the others see or what they see is a shell of someone long trapped inside you. Society nowadays punishes our little kids inside and forces us many times to portray someone we maybe arent until we find ourselves believing we are what we see in the mirror and forget what was to just laugh out of nothing, to smile for the sake of smiling, to enjoy the simplest joys life could offer... #maybe #ithinktoomuch I for once know I have been schemed into that more than once, but am trying to change it day by day. So smile more and enjoy the little things life offers, oh... and walk in the rain, its awesome!

5 1 Oct 21, 2017

“Have the colors run? Did it leave you black and white?” Inspired by the song Alice by Mononoke 🎼

67 1 Oct 21, 2017

Fauns romping and piping - Charcoal and acrylic on canvas Open until five this afternoon ☆ SONS OF PAN has thirty-five artworks on early masculinity, transformation and ritual ☆ CLOSES 26 OCT 366 Albany Hwy Vic Park Central. Catalog in my bio!

18 1 Oct 21, 2017

This is very different from my other paintings. I teamed up with the adorable pre-k students at #roosterspringselementary school for their fall festival. This will be up for auction. The tiger's head is filled with their cute thumbprints. Each child chose their own color. They enjoyed it as much as I do. 😁 #pre-k #kidspainting #fallfest #austinartist #austinart #atxartist #drippingsprings #tiger #abstractart #acrylicpainting

21 4 Oct 21, 2017

Этюд в осенних тонах для марафона от the_inkart 🌾 всегда облизывалась на такие сюжеты: тёплые, урожайные, полевые! Но как-то не решалась взяться. Картинка выдумалась из головы, а самую большую тыкву - царицу полей я рисовала по фото. #last_webs_1 #last_webs_критика #last_webs_inkart

137 1 Oct 21, 2017

Looks like a bunch of worms 🐛 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tag #artsworth artsworth For a quicker paid feature DM us. Follow these art pages ⠀ 👉🏻 rooartpage artwork.universe art__review 👈🏻⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ — credit: nahuel_salcedo

206 5 Oct 21, 2017

My third feature today goes to Tina tinaskjo for this very sweet little dog drawing in ink pen! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful artwork with us Tina❤️🐶 . . If you would like the chance to be featured please make sure you are following potpourriofartists and tag your artwork with #potpourriofartists . . #dogart #dogdrawing #drawing #penandink #inkpens #animalart #artistoftheday #featureoftheday #dailyart #dailyartistiq #artfeature #sharingart #art #artwork #artistsoninstagram #artsharingpage #dailyarts #dailyartfeature #featureme #handdrawing #drawing #drawingpen

49 4 Oct 21, 2017

christianespangsberg 2016

102 2 Oct 21, 2017
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