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Stubborn about my goals and flexible with my methods #issavibe #imafeeling #iknowwhatiwant #nothingless #ifyoucantfeelmedonttouchme 🙅🏾‍♀️🖤💙 #dailyaffirmation

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Manifest your destiny ❤ #subconsciousthinkers 💛 Credit to owner 💚

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When my amazing clients tell me what life is like after coaching with me...I do a pretty cool happy 💃! Big love to you, lizazenibaker ❤️ 🌺 “Naomi’s welcome smile, open warmth and light hearted personality enabled me to embrace a natural comfy place with her, to open, to share, to listen and work with her so effectively. As a result of Naomi’s beautiful work, my inner hesitations have eased, my self-confidence is growing, and I now feel that I am dancing to the natural rhythm of my intuitive spiritual self guided by my creativity, balance, grounding and flow. 🌺 Once a scattered daydreamer, Naomi has enabled me to find my grounding focus whilst still embracing my life with a gentle ease and grace. 🌺 Thank you Naomi for facilitating a boost in momentum and grace and showing me how to maintain flow whilst balancing all I want to do for my family, for my work, and for myself. 🌺 I now have such renewed clarity, feel less overwhelmed by my own excitability and enthusiasm for life, and am loving the warm embrace of a life now filled with gentle, grounding energy with light all around me, rather than at the end of a long and dingy tunnel. 🌺 Naomi has a beautiful natural way of quickly working through the surface fluff to find the natural gems hidden beneath. Her gentle nudges where needed, and creative tools shared to enable deeper exploration of concepts and self are invaluable and I’m so very grateful for her time, gentle warmth and the awareness she has provided me with. Life is now opening and flowing so gracefully again, thank you!”

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Twin Crystals [also known as Soulmate, Twin Flame or Tantric Twins] are quartz crystals with two terminations (points) sharing the same crystal body. There is usually no defined boundary between the intergrowth of the separate crystals, though a composition surface separates them. One of the structures may be wider and/or taller than its conjoined partner. 🔻 As they visually illustrate conjoined independence and interdependence while maintaining their individual unique identities, these crystal structures may serve as allegory for interpersonal relationships [separate identities on interconnected journeys]. The cohesive co-operative energy they emanate reflects the process of two people working together to manifest a common goal. 🔻 Shared meditation with a twin crystal can help couples more resolutely understand that though they may have different interests and goals, they can still coexist in a harmonious and unified way. While communicating interpersonally, each person may hold the crystal while speaking their truth. This action may help guide both individuals toward a harmonious and equitable resolution.

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♒︎☿ —> ♓︎☿ | ♓︎☾ —> ♈︎☾ We’re coming up to the end of a cycle as Mercury heads into #Pisces at 20:28 PST tonight, to be joined by the Sun tomorrow. While Mercury tours this Mutable Water Sign, you may find your thought process leans more towards intuition and an ability to sense the psychological, psychic realm and spiritual reality. Use any sublime or abstract guidance you receive at this time for empathetic connection to find creative and sympathetic solutions in your immediate surroundings and projects. Overnight, the Moon bursts into #Aries at 04:05 PST, the perfect emotional energy for the Seasons changing tomorrow. The last one before the New Year! _________________________________ #esoteric #astrology #evolution #astrologer #astrologersofinstagram #spiritual #affirmations #soul #healing #consciousness #positivity #motherearth #dailyaffirmation #inspiration #dailyquote #goodvibes #gaia #horoscope #dailyquotes #dailyphoto #artist

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Affirmations have had an amazing impact on how I feel about myself and what I choose to think about. I encourage you if this isn't part of your daily practice all ready start now! #yogawithjanvier #dailyaffirmation #prosperity #abundance #goodvibes #yogateacher #yogini #dailypractice #stayblessedmyfriends #namaste

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Good things are coming ❤ #subconsciousthinkers 💛 Credit to owner 💚

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Focus is key 🔑

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My current mantra because mental health is becoming a big part of my journey I am wanted I am loved I have purpose I have a calling What is one of your mantras or daily affirmations?

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Come join us for the next ultimate human experience! ❤️✈️🌍 DM myself or sarahblackah to apply x

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