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14 2 Nov 24, 2017

The full piece for the showed capcollingwood . My prompt was OCD is hot, itchy, oppressive and exhausting. . In this exhibition we raised over $4000 for the Anxiety Recovery Center of Victoria. I am so honoured to be a part of such a great show. As an individual who has experienced anxiety on the daily and is still battling with remnants of it, this show was not just a great cause but personal too. . Big shout out to the boys at for organising with all the sleepless nights, the volunteers, the lovely people who helped put the show together, the companies who sponsored the event and the amazing artists who participated. So proud of each one of you!! . . . . #lousyink #lousy #blackandwhite #blackworkillustration #charity #letstalka outmentalillness #mentalhealth #mentalheathawareness #blackworksubmission #blackworkers #inked #anxietyawareness #anxiety #inkdrawing #artistsofinstagram #art_daily #arting #daily_art #inklouvre #mentalillness #morecompassion #darkarts #dragon #florals #brush #nibs

76 0 Nov 24, 2017


42 1 Nov 24, 2017

'Malevich and Red Star Over Red Square, 2017', currently on view at the Pushkin Museum. #CaiGuoQiang pays tribute to the triptych Black Square, Black Cross, and Black Circle by Kazimir Malevich, the Russian painter whose troubled life Cai perceives as the epitome of an artist's integrity and vulnerability in the face of sociopolitical reality. via caistudio #artxasia

200 4 Nov 24, 2017

‘Mack’ is finished! This drawing was a bit of a challenge as I was using 2 different reference photos and as it was a secret Christmas present, it was difficult to get really clear photos. I enjoyed the challenge and the customer is pleased, which is the main thing! 😊

34 1 Nov 24, 2017
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