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0 1 Jul 27, 2017

Part 2 ⚡️ My grandfather was probably right. I most likely did come out with my eyes wide open. I was never one for dark confined spaces. From age 0 to about 6 (when I actually got a detention for this) I thought I was famous in the Rock n' Roll world. I thought the "regular" folks may not know it at the time but they would soon find out that I, Jess Reid Ingram, was the inspiration to 99% of the hits back then. My little ego got so big that I would literally run bands off stages at restaurants in order to perform a made up song, that I wrote, on the spot. If you're wondering what my parents were doing. Honestly, they didn't even know I snuck off until they'd see me on my tippy toes singing into a mic. Maybe more like screaming into a mic. I finally got a detention in kindergarten for cornering my crush and singing "Stop! In The Name Of Love" by The Supremes with 5 of my back-up singers aka my friends. Not sure what my teacher didn't like about it. It was pretty romantic when you think about it 😋 //\\ 📷 anialouisagall

3 1 Jul 27, 2017

The wind was blowing everything everywhere and I was loving it 🌪🌸 The third photo is my favorite. That's what I look like when I'm full-belly laughing. My lips disappear, the double-chin comes out to play, and I look... what's the word?... oh yeah, certifiably insane 😂😜 #tgit PS: I love how this swipes like a flip-book 💙

7 1 Jul 27, 2017

siennabyronbay Nail polish ~ Vegan and Cruelty free certified✔️❤️

1 1 Jul 27, 2017

★ OUTFIT ★ Khaki Turtleneck, Cage Girl Plaid Trousers + Gold Tre Hoops ★ All new goodies online now! ★ #HALITE

0 1 Jul 27, 2017

Weave away...Something new coming soon for ears 🌫✨

2 1 Jul 27, 2017

Last night's shenanigans. Thank you SCB for having me 💋💫 #wantedtowintheiphone7 #butididnt ___ #AsSeenOnMe, wearing adlinaanis Curved Chiffon Shawl in Dark Green, and mango Floral Playsuit. Available at zaloramy, use code 'ZBAPD013' for 15% off! ❤️ ___ #zalora #zalorastyleedit #adlinaanis #mango

13 1 Jul 27, 2017

Jika kalau tidak bisa berkumpul dua cinta dalam satu hati,maka kan ku kumpulkan dalam satu hati cinta dan takut,mencintaimu dan takut kehilangn nya 🌈 • • • • #beautiful #clothes #currentlywearing #fashion #fashiondiaries #fashiongram #fashionista #fashionpost #instafashion #instastyle #lookbook #lookoftheday #love #mylook #ootd #ootdshare #outfit #outfitoftheday #outfitpost #style #todayimwearing #todaysoutfit #whatiwore #whatiworetoday #wiw #wiwt

3 0 Jul 27, 2017

"Pasar el resto de tus días con alguien que no te necesite para nada, pero que te quiera para todo". 💖 Aloha!!! 🌺 hoy es jueves y el cuerpo lo va notando, os dejo con esta falda de rayas y volantes 🤦🏻‍♀️ como no!! Seguro le podría haber dado más juego a esta falda, pero tiro de 🔝 básico blanco y solo he arriesgado un poco en las sandalias y clutch plateado 📢 estoy perdiendo facultades, I know 😎 mirad vaya pelos que llevo también, parezco leona 🦁 solo me falta rugir 📶 Hoy no es mi día, desde ya lo digo y quien avisa, no es traidor 👊🏻 De lo único que puedo estar orgullosa es que cada día me parezco más a mi madre, sin duda alguna 👭 Que tengáis un estupendo día y un beso grande para todos 😚💕 #fashionista #fashion #fashiongram #fashionstyle #currentlywearing #wiw #whatiwore #picoftheday #photography #photographer #photooftheday #beauty #pinkskirt #silvershoes #magazine #outfit #outfitinspiration #followme #itgirl #instablogger #instamood #cute #metoday #imnotablogger #streetwear #streetstyle #mystyle

22 0 Jul 27, 2017


12 1 Jul 27, 2017
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