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Don't be one dimensional ✨

33 3 Nov 18, 2017

💛 #happysaturday

114 3 Nov 18, 2017

Here’s the video on how I styled my hair! Tell me what you think in the comments and/or if you have product recommendations! .. Products used: 1) mauimoisture Coconut Milk Conditioner 2) mauimoisture Curl Quench Hair Mask 3) bouncecurl Light Creme Gel 4) Soigne microfiber hair towel (link in bio) . . . . . #Curls #Curly #Curlygirl #curlsonfleek #secretcurlsociety #naturallycurlyhair #naturalhairdaily #curlygirlcollective #curlygirlsrock #curlyfro #perfectlycurly #bighairdontcare #curlyhead #curlyhairproblems #curlsfordays #bighair #naturalcurls #curlyhairstyles #curlycommunity #curlspirations #curlynatural #curlscurlscurls #curlyhairkillas #loveyourcurls #curlyq #texture #teamcurly #bouncecurl #mauimoisture #curlandco_

13 0 Nov 18, 2017

|| There are poisons that blind you and poisons that open your eyes. || -A.S. . . . #braids #braidouts #curlygirl #curls #curlygirlcollective #instagood #explore #curlyhairstyles #latina

14 0 Nov 18, 2017

📷: vincentpatrickchang of lifeandstills 💄: marielpecson_mua 📽: iggymacio

86 1 Nov 18, 2017

“I want to go back to believing a story” 🙏🏼 #writingsonthewall ‘‘twas a wonderful day from start to finish. ‘Night all!

100 8 Nov 18, 2017

I can’t decide how I feel about these hats 🤔🤨🧐 I do like these new emojis though

429 9 Nov 18, 2017

Oldie but goodie. 8 days 💖

129 6 Nov 18, 2017

Bare // I could live in this silky two piece from siobhanaleabarrett, close my eyes and imagine myself on a warm, tropical island surrounded by exotic flowers and lush tings ..till then, my cozy little room will do 🕊

461 15 Nov 17, 2017

I'm excited to be back sharing all things FlawlessHairDay by Gabrielle Union ( gabunion). Check out my latest video and learn how I get flawless spiral curls using nothing but flawless products! You too can #FlauntYourFlawless so don't forget to stop by UltaBeauty to shop everything Flawless. Link in bio!! #AD

177 8 Nov 17, 2017

Relationship Tip #11 It’s your responsibility to show your spouse what you tolerate and what is important to you. (Check out my Facebook page for my relationship album for more tips like this) Link in bio. A lot of times I see older couples married for years complaining about little things their spouses do or don’t do that drive them crazy. It could be simple things like: he never picks up after himself or whatever else. The question that usually comes to my mind when I hear those comments is: when did you start telling them directly that it bothered you? You see ...most of the times our spouses do things that bother us years before we start saying something about it. When you just meet that person it seems all cute and fun and butterflies but years later it’s not so cute anymore...🤨and it’s pretty much impossible to get that person to change the behavior. I make it a point to mention to Gaby if something bothers me after the first or second incidence not years later and the reason is because it’s a lot easier for someone who loves you to adjust their behavior early on than it is for them to change old habits years later. All that being said talking in a loving manner and expressing the concern with kindness will help and go a long way.😁 To be fair it’s important to also encourage your spouse to voice their opinion early on if something bothers them and not wait years to let you know. Takeaway for younger couples: (we are not that old but we’ve been married for 10 years so anything younger than that🤪) Now is the time to mold your relationship and set clear expectations, your husband can’t guess if something bothers you. He’s not a mind reader🧐, you’ll be waiting a long time if you think he’s going to figure it out on his own. Communicating what’s important to each one of you will go a long way.

84 3 Nov 17, 2017

Happy Friday Everyone!!! ✨🙌🏾 Check out curlyfitvegan !! Don’t forget to tag your pix with comfygirlcurls or hashtag #comfygirlcurls to be considered for a feature ✨

156 7 Nov 17, 2017
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