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AVID 9 Thankful Haikus:). #deepthoughts #creativeexpression #teambuilding #happythanksgiving

3 0 Nov 22, 2017

889christine: “Emily, there’s a fluff on your face.” Me: “It’s a beauty mark. Well, not a real one. I drew it on with a pencil. Just trying to channel Marilyn Monroe’s sex appeal!” ... Full disclosure: I was trying to cover up a pimple in a very creative way 😂

49 6 Nov 22, 2017

“Europe’s Wealth Consists Essentially in its Variety of Languages” There is no way to quantify the cultural value of European languages, especially when learning a new language offers people more than just another method of communication. The EU has 24 official and working languages, with dozens more used by indigenous, minority, and migrant communities. “Europe isn’t particularly rich in mineral resources. Its real wealth consists in its cultural variety. And this rests essentially on its linguistic variety. The scientific, scholarly and cultural achievements and traditions of the Europeans are preserved in their languages. This would all be lost with a single, unitary language.” - Professor Stickel, President of the European Federation of National Institutions for Language. #ICDO believes that the diversity of language in Europe adds to its cultural wealth and the creative opportunities it presents for its current and future generations. #AroundTheGlobe #culturaldiversity #safeguardingdiversity #languages #foreignlanguages #creativeexpression #EUFederationOfNationalInstitutionsforLanguage goetheinstitut_deutschland

5 0 Nov 22, 2017

Early morning #creativeexpression #newartist #🤔 #I think I will call it SIR PATRICK started at 1:10am completed 4:20am #art #artistsoninstagram #artwork #imaworkinprogress #drawing #sketching

30 2 Nov 22, 2017
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