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Beautiful Lovers, be brave. Be you. Shine your Lights. The Soul of the World needs you. 💜Please tag 👇👇🙋🏻🙋‍♂️🙋🏼🙋🙋🏾a loved one and/or a friend this may help and follow for daily inspiration. 🌹🙂🎶💜🌈🔥❤️

8 1 Nov 22, 2017

Push yourself to your limits, step out of your comfort zone and allow the power of growth lead you to accomplishment #comfortzone #comfort #courageous #belief #selfbelief

1 0 Nov 22, 2017

Celebrate the precious gift of being alive today. Choose to make each moment truly amazing! Spend time doing things which make your Soul sing. Surround yourself with people who inspire and empower you. Cherish the people who love you and tell them how much they mean to you. Choose to make this day Extraordinary! You've got this! #courageous #determined #authentic #passionate #magnificent #Extraordinary #spectacular #joy #happiness #abundance #positivity

1 0 Nov 22, 2017

God will never forget you Ps20:7 Eph6:10 Joshua1:5 Deuteronomy31:5-6 Hebrews13:5 2timothy1:2 Ps23:4-5 Ps27:10 Ark of the covenant 1)Aaron's staff that budded (the dried stick)Numbers17,18 2)manna (God surprised them) 3)tablet of the covenant(Gods power) We can lose everything but not the presence of God Nothing is more valuable than the presence of God FIVE SECONDS FOR THIS!! #note #brilant_quote #perfectqoute #goodtimes #courageous #strength #action #positive #improvment #road #geniusqoute #niceqoute #binaryqoute #similarqoute #rigthpath #make_me #kindness #uplift #tressure #temprance #edit

2 0 Nov 22, 2017

🔥COMMENT DOWN BELOW YOUR FAVORITE LEG EXERCISE 👇👇👇 🔥 #NEWPR BOIZZZZZZZZZZ!!! (and girls 😁) 👇 150lbs for 5 reps on #romaniandeadlifts 😲💪🔥🏆💯 I received constructive #critism, #hate, or #feedback (whatever you want to call it) concerning my undeveloped legs. Instead of getting offended, I honestly looked at myself and contemplated whether these statements were true. After I came to conclusion they were true, I took #massiveaction to change them #ASAP. Next time somebody says something blunt or "rude" to you, try considering whether they are right. If they are right, fix the thing they criticised about you so they can't make fun of you anyone. Turn your #haters into your #helpers 😉

5 1 Nov 22, 2017

This couldn’t be more appropriate for my feelings today. Thankyou to my tommythefranzen for reminding me that if there were no clouds, we wouldn’t appreciate the sun. 💕 - For always reminding me that, it isn’t all bad and that everything passes (and that hair grows 😉). _ Things move and change and shapeshifters, nothing stays the same. Try to remind yourself if this when things get tough. _ Sending good vibes to you this Wednesday Eve 👐🏻🌟

10 1 Nov 22, 2017

I HAVE THE PERFECT MARKETING STRATEGY TO HELP YOU HIT 6-FIGURES IN 2018! - I gotcha, didn’t I? - Any guru that claims they have the “perfect” strategy is full of BS! There is absolutely NO ONE PERFECT WAY to market your business. Each business and their audience are unique. Each owner possesses their a unique skillset, background, personality, and strengths that will drive the business forward. There’s no way a cookie-cutter approach can provide you a long-term strategy for success. Short-term, yes probably but definitely not long-term. - In fact, to find the “perfect” strategy starts by finding the right balance and to get into a groove. Quite honestly, that takes some trial and error. Lots of testing, tweaking, analyzing, and trying again before the “perfect” strategy is truly gang busters. - Heck, even that strategy can become outdated quickly with the way the industry shifts as often as it does! Which means, you’re back to the drawing board of testing, tweaking, and analyzing what is or isn’t working for your business. - Now I don’t mean to be a drag and burst your bubble, but I want to tell you to not buy into the false advertising that THIS ONE PERFECT STRATEGY is going to be the end all be all thing you need to sale your business to 6-figures and beyond. - Nope, sorry, it’s not going to happen! - However, what you can do is take that strategy, learn from it, test, tweak, analyze, and make it your own. Be innovative! No need to reinvent the wheel, but be open to how you can make it even better! - Therefore, the next tie a guru says they have the perfect strategy for you put the brakes on and listen to your intuition. It’s likely giving you red flags but your SOS and FOMO are shutting it out. - What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to creating a strategy that works for your business?

16 2 Nov 22, 2017

Nur noch vier Tage, dann startet SAT Schweinfurt in die 7. Staffel. Wie schön!! Die Vorfreude steigt von Tag zu Tag und alle unsere Teams stecken fleißig in den Vorbereitung. Wir würden uns mega freuen, wenn du mit uns für den Auftakt am Sonntag und die ganze Staffel beten würdest... Wen willst du für Sonntag noch einladen? • #fearless #SAT #SATSchweinfurt #Staffel7 #Vorfreude #Hype #Schweinfurt #SWcity #faith #Jesus #god #peace #instagood #hope #worship #youth #youngandfree #bible #church #beblessed #courageous #unafraid #life #design #motivation #inspiration #inspirational #churchonline #countdown

22 0 Nov 22, 2017

Unbelievable how we as women protect ourselves just to get thrown away by the system... #freecyntoiabrown #courageous #strongwoman the justice system continues to fail us

21 1 Nov 22, 2017

Someone hadn’t done something they had said they would do, and it had happened a few times, and I was Mega Pissed, which means that I was using expletives. ❗I had gotten stuck in holding expectations and attaching to a result (and it wasn’t doing me any good).❗ Ever had someone tell you to “not hold expectations” and you felt like they were a bit nuts? ❗I used to think that, too--until I understood this: ❗⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 😎😎😎 Tap that link in my profile and you’ll get a mobile-friendly version of this post. 😎😎😎

8 1 Nov 22, 2017


11 4 Nov 22, 2017

Well, I'm going to share and be #vulnerable, if it makes you uncomfortable or puts you in a place of conflict, then feel free to block or delete me as a 'friend'. I'm tired of the vice grip that #grief has on my heart, and my life. The last few years, I've lost my home, my family, my daughter and what I thought was my future. I'm being berated tirelessly by others that sit on the sidelines of my life that don't understand what it's like to lose your life, your child. Or by those who just don't want to face my grief, perhaps, their grief. There seems no #solace... Grief is relentless. And with #Christmas coming, the memories of last year are flooding in; when Sophia lost her eyesight, the horrific day we had to sedate her to get her into #hospice, those last few weeks hearing her scream, struggle, the tears pouring down her cheeks as Sophia, herself, fought to understand what was happening to her, those final hours where her face became caked in blood coming out of her nose. Holding her after her last breathe...watching her casket going into the ground. It's torture...I'm at the point that I can barely breathe, never mind try to function in a world that requires you to work, to live, to #breathe. Many of you may not get this reference...but I'm Parry, and I need a #FisherKing. Living in a boiler room, or under a bridge appeals. Where I can let my mania, my grief consume me once and for all. It hurts...and I'm not sure I will survive this seasonal onslaught of memories, of pain, of #loss. What do I need? I don't know...I need some people to be #merciful and to step back and stop, I need others to show up and be #courageous. For those of you who've been there, are there, you understand... But most of all I need #compassion...which right now seems like finding the Holy Grail. #bereavedmother #bereavement #livinggrief #vancouver #delta #whenwillitend

4 0 Nov 22, 2017
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