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The practice of Ecstatic Dance allows us to get out of our heads, and into our bodies. In this age of information, balance can be achieved by devoting energy to using both parts of the brain- left & right, as well as using the heart and full body- as equally valid organs of perception. We invite you to join us on the dance floor, and explore the practice of Ecstatic Dance as a way to release the tendency to over think it all. The music movement and community can help you return home to the innate wisdom of your body, which is often lost when we only lead with analysis and intellect, at the expense of our feelings and intuition. #getembodied #dancelikenooneiswatching #ecstaticdance #swazerazi #arianabates #yogatrancedance #contactimprov #freeformdance #allageswelcome #movementmedicine

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