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"You do not heal from trauma, and nobody heals you either. You simply reconnect with that sacred place in yourself that was never traumatized, never broken, never damaged in the first place your true Self, absolute and ever-present, innocent and free. It is not a destination it is You, alive and awake in the moment. Know yourself as the Absolute, and let all thoughts and feelings move through you, however intense or uncomfortable. The forms pass, they always pass, and You remain. You are not broken you are Unbreakable." - Jeff Foster #poem #poetry #JeffFoster   #heartspacemanor #bondijunction #healingspace #heartspace #perception #connect #selfdiscovery #safeplace #safespace #meditation #home #withlove #heart #beautifulplace #beautiful #joy #yoga #retreat #urbanretreat #beauty #beautifulspaces #gorgeous #blessed #blessings #instagood #livingthedream

5 0 Jan 18, 2018

sacstate in the house! They have been using the Training Room to host a private event and it’s been so great to see them make the space their own!

8 2 Jan 18, 2018

On reprend la course extérieur !!! Let’s go #running #outside #winter #magnus #newbalance #swix #garmin #connect #picoftheday #spartanrace #soon🔜 #montreal #mtl #mtlmoments

15 0 Jan 18, 2018

We’re still rolling out the new and beautiful barre3 merch. Come check it out! #b365 #b3shop

5 1 Jan 18, 2018

All to often we focus on what we don’t have in life, or worse yet we see what others have and feel sad because we would like that money, that job, that body, that partner... Social media is the worst culprit in influencing our negative thoughts of what we don’t have and others do. But remember someone somewhere is wishing for the life you have now! 🙏🏻 Smile for what you have, rather than cry for what you don't.😃

9 6 Jan 18, 2018

Join Dr. Morgan, front and center, March 2nd & 3rd for the Ensure Justice 2018 Conference, "Challenge Connecting the Dots between Substance Abuse & Human Trafficking." For early bird registration, click link in bio, and scroll down to "Register Now." #ensurejustice #challenge #endhumantrafficking #vanguarduniversity #gcwj #wearevu #womensstudies #globalcenterforwomenandjustice #freedom #substanceabuse #connect #frontandcenter

6 0 Jan 18, 2018

Stay #Focused ! So many people give up because of who's not COMING who's not supporting ...Thats called distractions and it will Kill your purpose ... You have to stay focused .Do whats best for you ...not everyone is meant to come. #TRUSTTHEPROCESS #trustHisplan #read #study #write and #connect with people who are where you are going "likeminded " and #mentor someone that is working to be where you are! #influence #lawofattraction #JINALAW 🙏📚💎👑

659 2 Jan 18, 2018

😍 For my fundraiser for the National Park Foundation, I'm sharing this picture I took of a marmot in Grand Teton National Park last summer during a hike to Lake Solitude. Tina Lasisi spotted this little marmot 20 yards away from where we were next to the trail. This rodent was amazingly brave and curious and did not shy away as we cautiously got closer. For 15 minutes, we gawked at each other until Tina and I decided to leave our new friend in peace. This is also why I created this fundraiser. National Parks are full of surprises and you experience encounters you will not forget. If you are a wonderful person and want to participate in the fundraiser, the link is in bio!

7 1 Jan 18, 2018

We’re jumping for #jackfruit to have Brittney Johnson sharing her #wisdom with us at #costaricafruitfest ! Brittney will be sharing workshops reminding us how to ignite the #healer within, how to live with #prosperity #consciousness, as well as a wild foods walk! Brittney Johnson is a world #traveler who studies #regenerative solutions by visiting ecovillages, #sustainable farms, earth-centered communities, and indigenous-oriented gatherings. A few years ago, she founded fruittheworld to promote #biodiversity and the planting of fruit trees that support both human #health and ecological resilience. While experiencing various chronic and autoimmune conditions, she was led to the wisdom of fruits, herbs, and fasting. After developing her personal practice, Brittney established Top of the Mountain Healing to assist others in reactivating their innate power of self-regeneration. More recently, she co-founded a regenerative business agency, Triple Bottom Line, and also Gaia Sky Conscious Creations to #connect organizations and share resources. ✨🙏❤️ come learn and grow with us at fruit fest! Buy your tickets online at #costarica #fruitfestival #vegan #rawfood

43 2 Jan 18, 2018

Create. It’s week 3 of our Intentional Courage Series... cluck the link in our profile to join us! This week js all about what happens when you step out courageously and it flops? "The very first company I started failed with a great bang. The second one failed a little bit less, but still failed. The third one, you know, proper failed, but it was kind of okay. I recovered quickly. Number four almost didn’t fail. It still didn’t really feel great, but it did okay. Number five was PayPal" – Max Levchin, former CTO of PayPal  What if you tried something 5,126 times without it ever working? Would you try that 5,127th time? It took Sir James Dyson 15 years and 5,126 failed prototypes before the 5,127 attempt, the creation of the Dyson bagless vacuum.  What if you made 1,000 attempts at something, would you keep trying to create it? Thomas Edison was told by teachers he was, "too stupid to learn anything" and he made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb.  What if 27 publishers turned your book down? Would you keep writing? Theodor Seuss Geisel was rejected by 27 publishers for his first book, but could you imagine a world without a Dr. Seuss book in it to read to your little ones? This is just a tid-bit of what went out in week 3, inspiration + fun activities + book ideas and more! 🙌❤️ #liveoutsidethebox #createchange

10 1 Jan 18, 2018

Its just the truth 😏 . . 👑🔌👑

8 2 Jan 18, 2018
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