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A MOMENT W/A LEGEND I was about 19y/o & new to the fashion game & a new fixture on the #baltimore landscape but I knew I had to get connected. Phil tfpenter, shown here, was the king & #blueprint of #baltimorenightlife & still is. I tracked Phil down at Micah's & offered to make him something for his upcoming Genesis #toofierce party in exchange for him plugging me in w/his network. He did & he let me come. I remember him & theflywire coming to my Mom's house for him to pick up his #customoutfit we'd designed & made for him. tfpenter was literally packing out the entire #martinswest he had the whole city coming out, getting outfits made, etc. Thanks tfpenter for plugging me in then & staying relevant even now over 20yrs later. #nitelife #tfpentertainment #oscarsiv #stephenwisebaltimore #madeinbaltimore #entrepreneurlife #baltimorebusiness #each1teach1 #confessionsofanentrepreneur

38 2 Oct 23, 2017

#confessionsofanentrepreneur , 😊I at times try to do it all and have a really hard time delegating or asking for help. I believe the key to moving past this is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. My strength is my ability to be social and my weakness is public speaking. I have never loved speaking in front of people and often talk without script and from the heart. I need to step up my speaking game and not be afraid to promote myself or speak about my experiences. #learninggame #becomingmybestself #femaleentrepreneurship

74 15 Oct 21, 2017

Here’s what my night time viewing is for tonight. ~ #grantcardone #uncleG #edmylett #confessions #confessionsofanentrepreneur #betterprogramming

33 8 Oct 13, 2017

You winning is directly connected to someone else's success so you must progress. We are ALL connected so your success is directly correlated to someone else's. #confessionsofanentrepreneur #iajs #stephenwise #iamjustsaying #thoughtrx #thoughtmedicine #stephenism #successquotes #successmindset #millionairemindset #billionairebehavior

20 0 Oct 8, 2017

Be it your pushing the pedal & using your feet to push the envelope forward by creating something & improving life for you & others or using your feet to become a better you. What do a mile in your shoes look like... Shoes by adidasoriginals pants in both pics by #swbrand #confessionsofanentrepreneur #stephenwise #entrepreneurlife #swb #iaintgotnojob #ihavefunforaliving #stephenwisebaltimore

25 0 Oct 6, 2017

We literally have 3months left in 2017, the last 9months have gotten us to this point. What we do now shapes our 2018. What are you gonna do? It's all about what's next. 3 can be greater than 9. It's your choice. #stephenism #confessionsofanentrepreneur #stephenwise #mr3piece #nowisthetime #notimetowaste #itsnowornever #itsyourtime #winnerscircle #millionairemindset #billionairebehavior

13 2 Oct 3, 2017

5 Things I've Learned From Starting My Own Business: 📌 9:00am - 5:00pm quickly becomes 5:00am - 9:00pm 📌 Weekends? What weekends? 📌 Meetings are never "just 15 minutes" 📌 Coffee, coffee, and a bit more coffee. 📌 The owner always gets paid last. Starting a new business isn't easy, one day you're on top of the world, and the next day it's on top of you. Your friends and family have no real clue what you're doing all day, your significant other learns how to "netflix and chill" with themselves, and your bank account looks like a dirty motel.... mostly vacant. Kevin O'Leary once said that if he knew everything he'd have to go through to build his business, he probably never would have started. I could never relate to that, until now... I totally get what he means! If I knew I would have to go through all of this again, I would probably be too scared to start. Naivety and curiosity... Powering entrepreneurship since the beggining of time. But in all seriousness, running my 2 businesses -shoutout embodia - has been a blast and at this point I wouldn't trade it for the world. No two days are the same, every hour is a new challenge, and doubt is around every corner, but truly... I  wouldn't have it any other way! #confessionsofanentrepreneur #entrepreneur #startuplife #physio #healthtech

90 13 Sep 28, 2017

When you're just honored to be a part. Thank Institute for Justice for choosing me to be a part of the #entrepreneurship panel discussion. #ijlaunchpad #uofb #universityofbaltimore #confessionsofanentrepreneur #stephenwise #stephenwisebaltimore

19 0 Sep 24, 2017

My view this morning as the panel I was on prepared to speak to a room full of eager, burgeoning #entrepreneurs at University of Baltimore. I was honored to be a part of the panel #ijlaunchpad #uofb #universityofbaltimore #confessionsofanentrepreneur #stephenwise #stephenwisebaltimore

14 0 Sep 23, 2017

A big s/o & #thankyou to Jim Peterson of the SBRC for plugging me in with this opportunity to speak tomorrow to a group of burgeoning #entrepreneurs I'm giving you #entrepreneurship101 STRAIGHT NO CHASER along w/3 other panelists. Join me this tomorrow at 9am for an #entrepreneurship workshop/panel discussion that I'll be a part of. It's going to be at University of Baltimore on 21 W. My Royal inside of the student center. #confessionsofanentrepreneur #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurtales

25 5 Sep 23, 2017

They didn't see the value of the pennies so I just kindly picked each 1 up. I perused down the street I stumbled into this, a pile of pennies no-one saw no value in. What is seen as useless can be seen by another as priceless. Each penny adds up to a dollar. #pennywise #thelittlethingscount #itsallmoney #penniesaddtodollars #confessionsofanentrepreneur

51 0 Sep 20, 2017

When you receive a small #weddinggift at the #wilkenswedding & it's a small box of pink & red that point you know your week is gonna be #lit We all know the value of #redstarburst & #pinkstarburst #groomsmen #confessionsofanentrepreneur #stephenwisebaltimore #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurtales

21 1 Sep 18, 2017

Yesterday, after listening to an awesome podcast on using the law of attraction, I make a conscious decision to get off the struggle bus. I post an image of this very bus passing me by, while I sit and meditate. I write in my journal about getting out of my own way and letting the universe drive. I write, "Feel the way you want to feel!" ................ Then I start to write the blog post about how to make your brand stand out online that I've been putting off. I start by reading a couple of articles, because I still need to be backed up that way before speaking. The articles I've selected all say something different, and I start to feel pretty uncomfortable about telling anyone else how to stand out online when I can't seem to do it myself. Feelings of frustration and failures settle in. ................ Then I have a wee snafu with my credit card, and I head straight into a full-blown meltdown. I'm yelling and crying about quitting and giving up. I mean it this time, and I slam my hand down on my desk for emphasis. .................. Somehow, knowing that a workout will help, I manage to get on my bike and out the door in this middle of this tantrum. Before I set off, I throw two water bottles for good measure. ................. I continue to cry, sobbing out loud sometimes, for the first 35 minutes of my ride, but eventually the endorphins kick in and my mind quiets. I stop crying constantly and only gulp a few sobs here and there for the rest of the ride when I remember again that I'm a fraud and a failure. .................. In the end, I calm down, greet my kiddos, make dinner and have a decent evening. I figure out what's triggered me about this post and realize that I need to write about what I really think a well-designed brand can do for a business. But I feel sad that I couldn't stay off the struggle bus for 24 hours even. And I wonder if I can do this.

20 9 Sep 15, 2017

Let's ensure actions & end results add up to all the conversation, lip service, videos, live feeds, etc. It's time that we back up that what we talk about. It's 1 thing to speak it & another to live it. When the music stops & the smoke clears, it'll show who's who. #stephenism #stephenwise #confessionsofanentrepreneur #doesitaddup #trendsetter #lesstalk #moreaction

18 0 Sep 4, 2017

So it's September 1st & we are now embarking upon the last 1/3 of 2017. Whatever you did for the 1st 8 months doesn't count. Start fresh today & make these last 4 months the best of your life achieving more in these next than you have in the past 4yrs. #confessionsofanentrepreneur #stephenism #stephenwise #progress

19 0 Sep 2, 2017

coffee dates with the gorgeous nativiet from fullmoonaesthetics 🌕 check her out for all your lash extension/brow microblading needs 〰 _________________________________________________________ #babessupportingbabes #buildinganempire #semipermanentmakeup #makeupartist #bossbabes #confessionsofanentrepreneur

118 2 Aug 30, 2017
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