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Depending on your goals, heavier weights are not always the answer. Contact us for a free consultation to kick start your journey. #LegacyFitnessSD #SanMarcosCA • • • • #flexfriday #fitness #fatloss #gains #workout #training #legacy #ambitions #lift #gym #gymiseverywhere #legacy #work #grind #dowork #gains #compoundexercise #barbell #romaniandeadlift #stifflegdeadlifts #inspire #inspiredaily #nutrition #gainz #motivate #motivation

146 12 Mar 24, 2018

Super simple, super effective seven minute ab workout 💪🏼. • 2 exercises - 3 levels (choose 1) for each dependant on your ability. Half crunches (1st exercise) work your upper abs, whilst leg raises (2nd exercise) work your lower abs. • The workout: 1️⃣ ab crunches x 7 (0s rest ⌛️) 2️⃣ leg raises x 7 (30s rest ⏳) Repeat 6 more times 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯 (7 sets total) If you can’t get 7 sets, just get as many as you can - if 7 is too easy, increase reps/sets or reduce rest/slow the movement • Ab workouts are great and will help with definition, but if you’re looking for abs smashing ab workouts 5+ times a week is the wrong way to go about it 👎🏼- instead you need to think about reducing the amount of belly fat you have at the same time as building the muscles 💪🏼 which can be done a number of ways, including but not limited to ab workouts (2-3x a week) ✅ - - - - - - - - - - - - - #abs #abworkout #absworkout #coreworkout #legraises #abcrunches #strengthtraining #workout #training #fitness #instafitness #healthylifestyle #bulking #compoundexercise #squat #deadlift #strength #legtraining #exercise #weightlifting #gymmotivation

230 3 Mar 22, 2018

So recently I have been seeing a lot of people in the gym doing deadlifts and unfortunate the form is wrong. Bent back and over loading the weight. Sometimes I’m just waiting for the snap. But when you give them the tip of a straight back you just get dogs abuse. So I thought I would make this wee pic and explain a deadlift. The “dead” in Deadlift stands for dead weight. So every rep must start on the floor, from a dead stop. You don’t Deadlift top-down like on the Squat or Bench Press. You start at the bottom, pull the weight up and then return it to the floor. Here are the five steps to Deadlift with proper form… 1 Walk to the bar. Stand with your mid-foot under the bar. Your shins shouldn’t touch it yet. Put your heels hip-width apart, narrower than on Squats. Point your toes out 15°. 2 Grab the bar. Bend over without bending your legs. Grip the bar narrow, about shoulder-width apart like on the Overhead Press. Your arms must be vertical when looking from the front. 3 Bend your knees. Drop into position by bending your knees until your shins touch the bar. Do NOT let the bar move away from your mid-foot. If it moves, start from scratch with step one. 4 Lift your chest. Straighten your back by raising you chest. Do not change your position – keep the bar over your mid-foot, your shins against the bar, and your hips where they are. 5 Pull. Take a big breath, hold it and stand up with the weight. Keep the bar in contact with your legs while you pull. Don’t shrug or lean back at the top. Lock your hips and knees. Return the weight to the floor by unlocking your hips and knees first. Then lower the bar by moving your hips back while keeping your legs almost straight. Once the bar is past your knees, bend your legs more. The bar will land over your mid-foot, ready for your next rep.

22 6 Mar 22, 2018

Getting dat squeeeeeeeeeze in with the ultimate exercise for uncontrollable faces, though by my standards these are fairly normal I reckon 👱🏼‍♂️ • When you work shoulders I would recommend making sure you get at least 1 push (Arnold press), pull (shrugs) and raise (lateral raise) exercise in to work the full scope of your shoulders 🖖🏽💪🏼 • Today was hard. Still experiencing soreness from cable flys on my front deltoids which made working through the first couple of exercises tough - I think I need to start having more rest days between chest and shoulders to avoid overtraining, will see how my body reacts to the rest of this week! • Workout attached 📝, tips welcome 🙏

275 18 Mar 21, 2018

We are getting hit with our FOURTH Nor'easter a Foureaster. . 6-12 inches expected, high winds, 50k - 100k homes expected to lose power. . Got to hit the gym before getting hit with the storm and decided to have some fun. . In honor of the Fourth Storm: . Four exercises inspired by four powerful woman who are forces to be reckoned with. . 1. TRX and BOSU push-up wide leg pike inspired by stronglikemom. I flipped my BOSU 2. TRX tricep killer: 6-8 reps of narrow, diamond, extended push-ups, followed by extended push-up until exhaustion movewithmya via kariofitness 3. Side Plank variations inspired by funwithfit........added some yoga moves inspired by joshuaehlin flowyoganj alikaplan15 fireshapernorthhaledon 4. Crazy compound move through multiple planes on a BOSU inspired by additions needed

87 16 Mar 21, 2018

My weak core has lead to various injuries over the years 🚫🤕 Yes compound movements activate the core to a certain degree. Never skip the small aspects to the equation for the ripple effect of small things are extraordinary ✳️ #core #abs #corestrength

142 28 Mar 21, 2018

🔑EXERCISE ORDER🔑 - I have touched on this before and actually just had a short episode on my podcast about this! - Believe it or not there is a somewhat correct order to exercise selection that should take place throughout your workouts. - Energy demand and complexity are the two main factors here. High energy demands and complex exercises should be near the beginning of your workout. Things like the squat, deadlift, and bench. - Medium energy and complexity should come next. So compound exercises that may not be as exerting like push ups, chest press machines, leg press, lunge, etc. - Last on the list is the easiest exercises or least complex. These would be hamstring curls, calf raises, ab exercises, etc. - Get the most out of workout by correctly ordering your exercises! - What are you training today? Comment below! - Dominate today. - 🦖Chad . . . #exerciseorder #compoundexercises #compoundexercise #biglifts #squattraining #deadliftform #deadliftingismyfavorite #strengthtrain #strengthtrainingforwomen #fitnesstip #fitnessworkout #humpdaywednesday #humpdayworkout #isolationexercises #lungesfordays #fatlosstips #bicepcurl #tricepextension #workouttip #workoutsplit #strengthworkout #gainmuscles #gainz💯

87 26 Mar 21, 2018

PB Week Is Here! Name: d.r.g_fitness Exercise: Squat 🏋🏾‍♂️ 2 Rep Max: 155kg Goals for Summer: 170kg Your legs are your foundation invest time training them📈

39 1 Mar 20, 2018

Week after week gains after gains💪🏿, today I’ve been doing usual deadlifts but however with 120kg (new personal best) struggled but just was able to do 3 sets of 8 Reps my strength overtime with this exercise has improved and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their strength in general and also develop muscle mass and strength in variety of muscles (Back & Legs) #maintainingandgaining #deadlifting #backandbiceps #maintainingandgaining #mg #trenches #back #deadlift #compoundexercise #backexercise #backworkout #fitness #health #healthiswealth #trainining #hardwork #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict

63 1 Mar 20, 2018

#trainingtuesday 4 exercises, real time, no gimmick just plain work and a lot of double unders 💦Here’s a little snippet of what was on the menu at #cindysbootcamp yesterday. I devised 2 workouts as most of the moves here require both strong conditioning & technique. My beginners workout will involve sometimes putting down the kettlebells and working with our own body weight at a quieter intensity until the confort levels sits in and the exercise looks super clean. My gang cannot move on unless they reach a minimum of 500 reps over time ( not all at once, before you even ask 🤦🏼‍♀️ ) its a preventive and progressive procedure which has shown some strong improvement amongst most 💪🏻Take your time because the road to advanced workouts never ends so best be ready 😈 Tag a friend who could do with a double unders challenge as part of their WOD 🤸🏼‍♂️Happy Tuesday Fit Fam ❤️

268 8 Mar 20, 2018

Improve your dynamic flexibility for all you athletes out there 🏋🏽‍♂️ the Romanian deadlift 💣💥 #fitfam #aesthetics #ukfit

98 31 Mar 19, 2018

Today’s #MovementMonday is the deadlift. This compound movement is wonderful for targeting the core and muscles in the posterior chain. Check out our YouTube video Deadlifting 101 for more details on performing this movement correctly 🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥 #deadlifts #core #compoundexercise #fit #healthy #posture #ironoakfitness

9 1 Mar 19, 2018

An easy 185kg deep squat. 5 sets of singles. Then 4 sets of 4 reps with 120kg flat bench press, then 3 sets of 8 reps with 170kg deadlifts. #stronger #squats #barbell #compoundexercise #fullrangeofmotion #strongmantraining

11 0 Mar 19, 2018

So many faces in one rep... some pretty bad ones here (3?!)🤪 • This was the final and 62nd rep within 7 minutes on the preacher curls, so was bound to hurt a little! End of week one on this new program and despite a couple of sloppy sessions I’m happy with the program and looking forward to next week. • When you start a new program the first week tends to be finding your feet with new exercises, and so it’s fine to keep weight low and slowly increase through the sets to make sure your form is perfect with as much weight as possible - and then following this you can begin next weeks session at a weight you know you’re comfortable holding your form with. • Onto week 2!!!

289 12 Mar 18, 2018

Here's my workout from last night! It's a great workout to do at home with a circuit setup with 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio & 1 minute abs (repeat 3x). I'll be adding this to YouTube and posting more over there starting TODAY 🙌 Subscribe to my channel at (and see all of the ridiculous videos I've posted in the past) 😂💕 . . . . . #circuittraining #compoundexercises #bicepcurl #pushups #burpees #personaltrainer #personaltrainerlife #fitnesseverydamnday #fitnessmotivation #exerciseeveryday #exerciseeverydamnday #fitnesslifestyle #workoutideas #dumbbells #athomeworkout #compoundexercise #bootcamp #fitchicks #girlswhoworkout #sweatfam #workoutoftheday #wod #sweatlife #feeltheburn🔥 #fitnessguru #warriormode #ninjatraining #thesweatlife #endorphins #happyhormonecocktail

47 5 Mar 18, 2018
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