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Urbane Tribe your primary go to for stylish staple wardrobe pieces.

0 1 Dec 13, 2017

If I know one thing for sure this little girl is very loved ❤

10 1 Dec 13, 2017

Ojalá les pase algo bonito, que les haga sentir que el año valió la pena antes de que éste termine🍀🌻💛

8 1 Dec 13, 2017

Tell me where you wanna go Tell me what you wanna do Baby, just be comfortable I'll be right here next to you 💫

16 1 Dec 13, 2017

13 1 Dec 13, 2017

19 1 Dec 13, 2017

- neutral traits ! sometimes a character can have traits that are neither positive or negative. it’s important to recognize these when making an oc, so here are just a few. ———————————————— calm carefree energetic flirtatious hyper merciful outgoing playful quiet reserved secretive shy social talkative timid unpredictable adaptable agreeable aimless airy aloof amiable antisocial anxious amusing artful ascetic authoritarian boyish breezy businesslike busy casual competitive complex confidential conservative crisp determined dominating dreamy driving droll dry effeminate emotional enigmatic experimental familial folksy freewheeling frugal glamourous guileless hurried hypnotic iconoclastic idiosyncratic impassive impersonal impressionable intense invisible irreligious irreverent maternal mellow modern moralistic mystical noncompetitive obedient old-fashioned ordinary outspoken paternalistic physical placid political predictable preoccupied private progressive proud pure questioning religious restrained sarcastic self-conscious sensual skeptical smooth solemn solitary stern stolid strict stylish subjective tough unambitious unceremonious unchanging undemanding unfathomable unhurried uninhibited unpatriotic unreligious unsentimental whimsical ———————————————— comment an emoji down below if I helped you!

5 4 Dec 13, 2017

#followbck #comments #comment

56 0 Dec 13, 2017

Night kiddos babyariel loves ya 💘

10 2 Dec 13, 2017

Light play 💡

19 1 Dec 13, 2017

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59 1 Dec 13, 2017

Litty arii

13 1 Dec 13, 2017
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