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Are you looking for a way to #giveback during the holidays but don’t necessarily have the means? Just share this to your followers! If you can afford to give, please give! My hope, mostly, is that people who need this the most will visit the website & receive help that they deserve! #Recovery is something way too many families are wishing for this #holiday season! My friends thedopedoctor & thedharmaguy at nowmattersmore would be happy to aid in the gift of recovery this holiday season 😆🎄💖 #addiction #recovery #drugabuse #drugaddiction #alcoholic #alcoholism #alcoholabuse #alcoholicsanonymous #AA #narcoticsanonymous #cleanandsober #sobriety #rehab #drugrehab #alcoholrehab #enabling #codependent #codependency #santa #christmas #merrychristmas #happychanukah #happyholidays #love #life #seasonofgiving #giftoflife

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I've been a little bit different from others my whole life. It was very hard growing up when all I wanted was to fit in. Now, I kind of like being a little "out there" (some may say "crazy" but that's ok! But if someone can't appreciate me, quirks and all, they can move on. ⠀ ⠀ #emotional #feelings #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #DrugAbuse #Rehab #AlcoholAbuse #Bipolar #Opiates #DrinkingProblem #SelfHelp #RecoveryCoach #spirituality #Sober #Sobriety #StopDrinking #DrugTreatment #DualDiagnosis #Habit #goodadvice #healthyliving #alcoholicsanonymous #selflove #loveyourself #codependency #inspirational #healing #positivethinking #lawofattraction 📷: aa_not_the_only_way

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Escape •••You locked me up In my own head And I didn’t even know You put a cage Around my heart I couldn’t love anyone but you You tried to convince me That someday I would leave you Continuously playing the victim Because you don’t know Who else to play But I could never agree With you I swore I’d always stay No matter what you did I couldn’t leave My only friend But I didn’t realize You were killing me From the very beginning Manipulating me To feel guilty For something that you did Constantly trying to fix me Even though You’re the one that’s broken You always knew it was wrong For me to try To help you out But you never made me stop You were too attached To being saved Only now do I realize How stupid I have been I could never change you I couldn’t be the hero I couldn’t save you Because you’re stuck in the same God damn pattern All I can do is go I am sorry for doing this But I shouldn’t be That’s all I really know #escape #codependency #patterns #poetry #poem

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🐮 . day 12 completed! today was a tough day because my back was fine before my workout but i ended up leaving the gym in a lot more pain. all because of some body weight squats & some squats with the bar only. it really looks like the hip thrust is the only exercise i can do that doesn’t hurt my back. it gets really frustrating because i love to squat and deadlift. . 🐮 i’ve been back on a plant based diet for nearly a couple of years. eating plant based really isn’t hard. people beat themselves up because they want to go from the standard american diet to green juices and sprouts everyday. why not start from where you are? why not make it fun? i love when i go out to eat and try out different vegan dishes. i already know all my favorite options so if a craving hits i know where to go. . 🐮 let go of all the weight loss goals and just start substituting the foods you currently eat. if you like to eat a bagel with cream cheese, just use tofutti better than cream cheese. if you like meat, try out the gardein and beyond meat meat replacements. try out all the plant based milks, i love cashew milk and protein nutmilk. switch to dark chocolate. dark chocolate peanut butter cups. cookie butter. oreos. ben & jerry’s or so delicious ice cream. learn new recipes. find new favorite restaurants. it doesn’t have to be hard. look at how you normally eat, not how you would like to eat, and start from there. . 🐮 it’s so much easier to move forward from a place of acceptance. find out what’s the next step that you can do now. do that. focus on that until it’s automatic. then move onto the next thing. one day at a time. one step at a time. progress not perfection. always. . 🐮 weight: 143.8 . 🐮 macros: 140p,224c,66f 2038 calories . 🐮

47 7 Dec 16, 2017

Last year, if you asked me, winter could go kick rocks. I was done. From the beginning of the year until the very end, it was like someone stuck me in a snow globe and didn't stop shaking it. My nerves, my heart, my body - it all ached. I was sick of this place and I was sick of my self. So I left. I don't believe in running from your problems. But being here wasn't the problem. I was. If I stayed, I'd just keep going back to the same toxic relationship. It wasn't so much the miles that kept me away from him, but who I became by driving away, that did it for me. It was in the remembering that I found myself again. The me I kept forgetting just to fit into the arms of a love that was never meant for me and to feel like I belonged for a little while. I realized that by trying to fit in, I was more alone than ever. This past year has been instrumental for my self love. I find my joy in the little things now. I love being alone, and this makes my time with others so much more richer. I appreciate my family so much more now. I hardly remember what anxiety is. Once you face all those irrational fears you realize you're truly safe here. I knew that being sad wouldn't bring Courtney back so I did what she did best and I dialled into my happiness - which has made her feel closer than ever. Some people think I live in a fairytale world, where I think everything is sunshine and rainbows & we can pray our way out of a bad day. And well, they're mostly right. But it's because I have felt breathtaking heartache. I have seen rock bottom and clawed my way back up. I have lost everything I thought I needed, & I still survived. I have used pennies to buy food at the grocery store because I had nothing else left, & still, I'm alive. The only way I have known how to rise from the trenches of despair and depression and the darkness that threatened to consume me is to remember why I'm here. To remember my joy and to remember that when all is said & done here my legacy is in how I chose to rise. How I chose Love. What I gave, even when I didn't think I could. Who I helped. How I showed up to life. Healing is possible. Joy is possible. Love is possible.

39 2 Dec 16, 2017

“If we believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a fact, then you are residing on another planet with a different reality system” wrote Dr. Wayne W. Dyer in Your Erroneous Zones As a “recovering” codependent, detachment from anxiety and obsession are my biggest hurdles. It’s terribly exhausting going back and forth constantly in your mind but never being able to identify how you actually feel. One of my favorite lines from a book I’m currently reading explains it quite well. “Worrying, obsessing and controlling are illusions. They are tricks we play on ourselves. We feel like we are doing something to solve our problem but we are not.” -Codependent No More All the love to you folks who are battling these same issues or any form of addiction or chronic condition. The struggle is real. 💯 #loveonthegrow #loveyourfear #codependency #codependentnomore #drwaynedyer #egoaway #anxietyawareness

9 2 Dec 16, 2017

i’m so codependent. i have to be reminded to eat, breathe, shower, and just try to not die. i feel guilty for everything i do... i feel guilty for being myself in a world who constantly tries to disown me. even in my own household, i get punished for every time that i breathe the wrong way or show a part of myself i usually don’t show. . . . . . #depression #anxiety #dysphoria #dysphoric #genderdysphoria #codependency #suicideboys #suicide #suicidal #suicidalboy #ftm #transgendersuicide #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #ed #ednos #mia #ana #bulimia #anorexia #bulimic #anorexic

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I have an unhealthy attachment to this dog. #fridayswithfinn #codependency 💙

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Living with anxiety can mean panic attacks, insomnia, poor concentration, tremors, and other discomforts. You deserve to live a life that allows for joy and ease. If you struggle with anxiety visit my website or call me at 303.333.5553 to discuss how therapy may benefit you.

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I am using this page to talk about my traumas. To share my path to recovery. I believe sharing my pain with others and being able to be open and honest about it will benefit my healing-process. #healing #recovery #mentalhealth #abuse #bestrong #fightforyourself #abusesurvivors #narcissisticabuse #trauma #codependency #liveandlearn #selflove #empowerment #motivation #strength #courage #roadtorecovery #healingfromabuse

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Who wants to trade some zines? #zine #photography #artist #codependency #relationships

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Every time. This is how he waits for bobbyraybunch to come out of the bathroom. #bestfriendgoals #codependency #petmeplease

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It's Friday! Check out this story of an attorney's passing, and how the truth of his addiction was uncovered. His wife had no idea until his death. It is lengthy, but it is encouraged you read this as his wife recalls the timeline. Although heartbreaking, it is important for to us to read these words and realize the consequences of our actions. Not just to our loved ones, but to OURSELVES. - - To find out more about our Intensive Outpatient Program, please visit or call 877-664-8659 for a complimentary and confidential treatment consultation.

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📖 & 📷 © 2017 MidnightFeverMusings Because in order to give, you have to have something to give. So tend to your own cup, lest it run dry and all your goodness with it. #midnightfevermusings #writersnetwork #writersofig #writersnetwork #codependency #awareness #imagequotes #readersnetwork #relationshipquotes #freedom #inspirationalquotes #feelsquotes #quotesofig #wordporn #musings #give #mentalillness #depression #empathy #heal

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If you leave me feeling as though you need me, I haven't helped you heal. I've led you into dependency. The goal is for you to realize everything you need is inside of you! I'm just here to highlight that. : : : : : #Healers #Codependency #SelfHealing #Needs #Power #Strength #Motivation #Inspiration

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#cutefrog hanging out on our #billwplant Frog knows about metamorphisis.

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