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Torrid does it again. 😍Clearance buy 1 get 2 free. 🤗I was saddened to not find any blue jeans.😔 But I've just stepped into the color jean world. 😁I haven't worn black jeans since I was in cosmetology school from 15-18 years old. 🤔 • • • #torrid #plussizefashion #plussizebeauty #torridfangirl #torridfashion #rockerchick #shoppingaddict #clotheshoarder #clothes #jeggings #sweater #sweaterweather #ilovefreestuff #torridinsider #clotheshaul #curvyfashion

20 1 Feb 12, 2018

Today's workout consists of organizing which clothes I'll need for 6 months and which ones I can put in storage. Such a tough decision!! #clotheshoarder 😆 how does a girl decide!? hopefully I'll get in a real workout tonight with the studio tone it up app! Happy Saturday ladies! toneitup #loveyourbody

22 2 Feb 10, 2018

❤️🐯💛 I’m definitely an emotional clothes hoarder, I still have shirts from when I was 13 that are just too sentimental to give away! Case in point 👆🏼This was my very first “expensive” purchase. I had been salivating over this Lucky shirt at Macy’s for months. So when those Christmas envelopes were opened, I bought it the next day and I’ve loved it ever since. Thrifty Mezzo Attire: 👚: luckybrandmacys $100 👖: luckybrand $45

70 7 Feb 10, 2018

#tbt My college senior picture circa 1989... perm and all. Sadly, I just got rid of that top a few years ago. #clotheshoarder

44 8 Feb 9, 2018

Decided to #KonMari my clothes. Holy moly, I had no idea I had so many. This is just what's clean. This doesn't include the two loads in the washer/dryer, the dirty pile in my bathroom, closet, bedroom floor, hamper and the 4-5 Rubbermaids still in the garage from when we moved 😥😥😥 #clotheshoarder #gonnatakemeaweek #ridiculous

16 1 Feb 8, 2018

Started sorting through my clothes to chuck a load away... I'm 4 drawers in and this is what's being discarded already 🙈🙈🙈 #clotheshoarder #womeneh

4 1 Feb 8, 2018

One photo is 10 years old! Any guesses? ❤=Left Comment💙=Right #ageless #sameshirt #clotheshoarder #benjaminbuttondisease

17 1 Feb 8, 2018

2 1 Feb 8, 2018

Just did a live Facebook video on why people hoard clothes or are shopaholics 😲. You can catch the replay later in my closed Facebook group ‘Style Sister’s Daily Style Guide’💄🤜 LINK IN BIO 😘

8 2 Feb 7, 2018

Just casually shopping for clothes in my garage.. I have this weird way of rotating my wardrobe around the house as my style and moods change..anyone else? #weirdo #opshopaddict #clothes #vintage #thrifter #clotheshoarder #couldbeaddictedtoworse

21 1 Feb 6, 2018

Today is the day I FINALLY sort my $~*+ out! I keep buying new clothes because a) I’m a shopping addict and b) I can’t find anything on the #floordrobe(s) I bet I find a bunch of things I forgot I had... #newwardrobe #sundayjobs #dayoff #nomoreshopping #minimalism #whatsthat #clotheshoarder #cleanitup #springclean 📸: squaresayings

27 2 Feb 4, 2018
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