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Read this. Repeat this. Remember this. I struggle daily with not knowing this about myself, so I work to remember this and believe it myself. It took me a long time to come to a place of being happier and coping with the darker thoughts. I couldn’t have done it alone. Clinical depression has had a profound effect on my life, at times even coming close to destroying it. Each day gets better. Each day I’m beating it more and more. Each day is still a struggle. Even if you don’t have those same issues, even if you just have bouts of self doubt, remember you ARE good enough. In fact you’re better than that. Know yourself. Love yourself. Don’t let anyone take your joy not even yourself. #loveyourself #youregoodenough #maketodayyours #depression #clinicaldepression #toughdayswillpass #noteveryonewillunderstand #carryon #love #believe #perfectcreation #seeksupport #instagay #instapic #instadaily #gayboyproblems #everyoneproblems #iameverydaypeople

9 0 Jan 17, 2018

All the vitamins and supplements I hope to “naturally” cure my depression. When I have company come for the weekend I shove all them away in this little cabinet so people don’t see them and ask what it’s all for. Sometimes when I forget to put it all away or have an unexpected guest and they ask I simply answer “just to feel better” I take 20+ vitamins, supplement, powders a day just to try to “feel better” and I’m not sure what that even really means. #depression #tryingtofeelbetter #clinicaldepression #depressionisreal #depressionawareness #depressionsucks

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l love him so much😊😊

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Not a vent, just got bored. My meds were increased and I got stuff to treat my chronic nightmares lol, drugs are gr8. #mentalillness #clinicalpsychology #clinicaldepression

14 1 Jan 17, 2018

My brain health took a little dive today {just for a few hours} and I so badly needed to get in a good head space and remind myself why I STAY. Why I stay active. Why I stay kind. Why I stay social. Why I stay committed. Why I stay on track with my goals. Why I stay alive. So when I got home, I popped on this tee that my girl jordandodingram told me about, put on my fave playlist, and got that 🍑 to workkk 🙌🏼 Tonight I challenge you to think...what’s your reason to stay? P.S. Wanna check out Stay Wear? I might know someone with a discount code 🤗 #80dayobsession #staywear #whyistay #brainhealth #mentalhealthawareness #clinicaldepression #seasonalaffectivedisorder #energize #sheddingforthewedding #sweatingforthewedding #feyonce

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I long for the day when perpetual sadness isn't my norm. I have hope that there is light at the end of this long, long tunnel. As should you. Just like nobody was touched by an angel, you do not have a black cloud over you. A good friend reminded me today that life is hard. If you can at least keep even the smallest sense of hope that this will get better, you will overcome your struggles. Whatever they may be. And even when the world seems to be telling you that you are nothing - a purposeless blip in the ever flowing sands of time - reassure yourself that you are everything. You are loved. You are here for a reason. You have something to live for. You are enough. #mentalhealth #depression #breakthestigma #love #hope #selflove #clinicaldepression #mentalhealthsupport #youareenough #youareloved #notalone #supporteachother #keepfighting

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