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#FastRepost from noaaocean by fastrepost_app ••• Earth is always on the move, constantly, if slowly, changing. Temperatures rise and fall in cycles over millions of years. The last ice age occurred 16,000 years ago, when great sheets of ice, two miles thick, covered much of Earth's Northern Hemisphere. Though the ice melted long ago, the land once under and around the ice is still rising and falling in reaction to its ice-age burden. This ongoing movement of land is called glacial isostatic adjustment. Here's how it works: Imagine lying down on a soft mattress and then getting up from the same spot. You see an indentation in the mattress where your body had been, and a puffed-up area around the indentation where the mattress rose. Once you get up, the mattress takes a little time before it relaxes back to its original shape. Even the strongest materials (including the Earth's crust) move, or deform, when enough pressure is applied. So when ice by the megaton settled on parts of the Earth for several thousand years, the ice bore down on the land beneath it, and the land rose up beyond the ice's perimeter—just like the mattress did when you lay down on and then got up off of it. #OceanFactFriday #geology #science #climate

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I am only violent to myself. #bad #climate

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12 1 Jan 19, 2018

This week we kicked off our Spring 2018 Capstone projects for SUMA students! We have a great client list that includes the Westport Green Task Force, Union Square Partnership, Sustainable Westchester, Planeta Oceano and Ashoka Mexico. ⠀ #sustainabilitymanagment #earthinstitute #columbiauniversity #sustainablefutures #sustainability #columbiasps #newyorkcity #sustainabilityeducation #sustainabilityleaders #environment #climate #climateaction #newyork #nyc #columbia #management #capstone #workshop

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A #holistic combination of #climate, #supply, #soil, #plant & #canopy monitoring provides the best results by balancing yield vs. application of water & nutrients.

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