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28 0 Nov 24, 2017

#Repost from our #Metaphysical #Reiki #Crystal #Shop twinflameinnovations 🔥💚🔥 #Promote #Unity #Share #Truth . . A beautiful reminder that we control how we react in life💖 we may not be consciously choosing what happens to us but we can choose how we react to them and if we will allow things to diminish us our rise us into a higher state of BEing💓✨ Do you have limiting thought forms surrounding the way you perceive yourself, others or the universe at whole? What internal programming is no longer serving you? We all develop defense mechanisms from ego based on the trauma and pain we experience throughout our lifetimes. NOW is the time for RELEASE. What have you been holding onto? Attachments lead to suffering and bliss and harmony is our birthright💜we all deserve to live within complete divine perfection as we were created to be💖 WE CAN HEAL🔥actively through hard work and diligence. In a world where sense gratification is everywhere the road to self healing is the one less traveled by but we MUST remain persistent on our road to peace as it is an ever expanding and unfolding journey into source unity💓✨ do not be hard on yourself. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Forgive, accept, release & heal💓 there's tiers of pain humanity must break down and we are all consciously walking that path together by living within our sacred heart space and actively creating positive change here on momma Gaia🌎💓 this community is so inspiring and impacting! I hope you never feel alone because here is a whole community of likeminded light beings if you just align your frequency to attract them into your field of awareness👁🌠👽💜 anything is possible if you KNOW it to BE🌚 follow your heart and your dreams and always remember that when things get you down there is a great lesson and it's only for your highest growth💜 we love you all so much and are so thankful for this community and all the loving support we've received in our Reiki Attuned heArtwork!!✨💖 you're the reason we can support our lifestyles doing what we're passionate about everyday so THANKH you from the bottom of our HEART💓💓🙏🏽💖💜 to show our appreciation we are having a 30% off shopwide sale!! 👇🏽

117 6 Nov 24, 2017

Чего только в море под вечер не увидишь... В городах по вечерам пятничная шумиха, выезды, рестораны, фейерверки ... А в море .. только ты и затухающий перед твоими глазами горизонт... Спокойной ночи, горожане! И приятных выходных!

57 1 Nov 24, 2017

OK. Thats the moment when I don’t know the answer any more for how many times I have been in Venice and if I’m honest I think thats pretty cool for one estonian girl to feel in this amazing and mystic city so good and comfortable like it’s home 🙈😍👌🏻 #veneto #visitveneto #visiting #friday #veneto_super_pics #italiangreyhound #streetlife #lensflare #travelingram #natgeotravel #italya #streetphotography #ig_worldclub #citykillerz #moodygrams #lensculture #streets #venice🇮🇹 #venezia #citta #cityscape #earth_deluxe #earthfocus #reflection #reflectiongram #canal #veneetsia #veniceitaly #canals #earthpix

226 14 Nov 24, 2017
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