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Sin sueño #instachile #chilegram

0 0 Jan 24, 2018

Estaba fresquito ese Amanecer ... #like4like #likeforlike #south #chilegram #chile

10 0 Jan 24, 2018

No hay sueño u.u #instachile #instalike #instamaipu #chilegram #pic #insta #instasize

4 0 Jan 24, 2018

Quiero Sur 🌲✨ #instachile #instamaipu #chilegram

5 0 Jan 24, 2018

hdjsus hi babe/baby/the summer to my seth/the alex to my mason/the cat to my Robbie 😰 so, i'm sorry if this sucks :D & it's v cringey so 😔 hsjsj i love you so much & i want you to know how serious i am about it 😰 you mean absolutely everything to me, and i know i don't say that a lot, but i should say it more often bc it's true. whenever you're sad, i'm sad, whenever you're happy, I'M SUPER HAPPY :D you make me smile a lot 😳 hshesh you make me so happy, like i can't even describe the happiness you make me feel. you're just so freaking amazing. i don't even know what i did to deserve you. i remember when we first met :') i dm'ed you then i asked to be friends & you said yus djsjsj. but i remember the day of you becoming mine, and exactly how it happened 12.23.17 :') your friend asked me if i liked you bc she knew that you liked me and at first i wasn't sure if i should tell her, but i just did & im honestly thankful for that bc without her, we wouldn't be together & that was the best day of my life. i can't believe that was already a month ago. hshsheh :') it seems like longer than that. JSJSJS i promise to continue loving you for the rest of our lives 🌚 . you've made my days brighter, and you've brung love and laughter into my life 😔 jdjdjd we're gonna die together & be together forever 1!1!1 okok, rn you're talking to me and telling me you're about to fall asleep & im writing this. sorry for replying late 😰 kdkskz ok,

20 9 Jan 24, 2018

musical side exposed

42 1 Jan 24, 2018

The 'Death Valley' of the Atacama Desert..... The highest and driest non polar desert on earth. 🌵🇨🇱🌎 Located between the Andes and the Chilean coastal range, the region is devoid of any rainfall due to its height of 2400m on average. -------------------------- #travel #travelblogger #instatravel #instadaily #instafollow #travelstoke #travelphotography #travelphotographer #travelphoto #travelstoke #atacama #atacamachile #atacamadesert #chile #chilegram #instachile #travelchile #worldnomads #backpacking #backpackers

27 0 Jan 24, 2018
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