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KTD Model: Anaya 👠 Hair: flipshair_crosslegs Join the team now! Email: karentraceydesigns Include 2 photos, your name, age and height. #ChicagoModeling #ModelingForKids #fashiondesigns #chicagofashion #chicagodesigner #chicagodesigners #fashion #karentracey #karentraceydesigns #chicago #chicagomodel #chicagomodels #chicagomodeltraining #RunwayClass

2 0 Feb 19, 2018

Tell the paparazzi get the lens righttt. 😒 Ok had to reference the Queen badgalriri lol but seriously (swipe👈🏽 for some more important messages ft. My brother from another kingrey who I actually met in Chicago at USHLI a couple years ago. He's The Cuban Guy's nephew 🤙🏽 please check his music. Videos & more coming soon!) ---oh & PEEP MY FAVORITE PHOTO WITH CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER SYLVIA MENDEZ. ❤️👀 Sylvia & her family started the movement to desegregate California schools! Several years before Brown vs Board. Life would be way different w/out her. So as I've gotten maybe 6 hrs sleep this whole weekend, it was I latepost drink my ☕️ reflecting on This year's USHLI conference..Nothing more POWERFUL than these minds coming together to make a real CHANGE. So much LOVE & TEAMWORK combining together to overcome those few that want us to stay oppressed, quiet & in the shadows. 🔑If you really care about starting a movement, have the courage to take risks, to fail & learn, to lead others as an influencer, but know when to follow & support other causes. 🔑No greater feeling than people from the other side of the country seeing you a year later quoting something you said. Be memorable. CONSISTENCY over INTENSITY. There are times to be intense & take action. (i.e. Working out regularly instead of once in a while intense) 🔑Don't let ROUTINE (consistency extended) make you think you are reaching your max potential. No growth in being comfortable. 'no pain no gain' 🔑Don't stop talking about what you're passionate about. If anyone complains, don't let that energy around you. Become the best you can & everyone will listen after putting in that work. 🔑Make more moves, less announcements. 🔑Trust God's Plan. (No not a Drake reference) 🔑Risk it to get the biscuit. 😁 --- Excited for things to come from this conference & everything else that we've been doing that we don't always broadcast. Glad to see you brothers & sisters. Stay THANKFUL & BLESSED. Love y'all❤️Keep it going! 💪🏽 🔥🔥🔥 ..long post alert. Thank you for reading this far. Shoot me a DM whether or not we met! Tag a friend 💪🏽 📸: d_vega95 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #ushli #ushli2018 #sisepuede #ushliconference #ushliconference2018

82 8 Feb 19, 2018

Skirt: karentracey_designs KTD Models nikki_pink97 & emoni.bx Join the team now! Email: karentraceydesigns Include 2 photos, your name, age and height. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ChicagoModeling #ModelingForKids #fashiondesigns #chicagofashion #chicagodesigner #chicagodesigners #fashion #karentracey #karentraceydesigns #chicago #chicagomodel #chicagomodels #chicagomodeltraining #RunwayClass

13 0 Feb 19, 2018

Seasons are essential. Seasons of life & death. Seasons of growth & decline. Seasons of reaping & seasons of sowing. Seasons to speak up and seasons to shut up. Be vigilant of your rotation around the sun of your life, and don’t be caught acting out of season. #windsofchange #times&changes #seasons davidcameron

50 3 Feb 19, 2018

Love yourself and embrace your inner beauty | Muse davieeb_ MUA mariasa._ Shot by projectzeezy

122 9 Feb 19, 2018
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