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☝🏻✌🏻Hvad skal du købe, hvis du gerne vil have noget sundt mad på farten? 🏃🏼‍♀️🌱Jeg deler et par gode råd om det på bloggen - - linket ligge i profilen ☺️ What to choose if you want a healthy meal on the go? 🏃🏼‍♀️🌱 im sharing some words on that, today at the blog - link in profile ☺️ #thegoodchoice #healthyeating #lifestyle #changes #onestepatatime #health #foodie #fitfam #blog #copenhagen #nutritionist #regitzes #blogly

3 0 Aug 18, 2017

Made my own almond milk today - it's really easy and I know exactly what's in it!! I used whatcaitate recipe from her blog. Now using the pulp to make almond meal/flour 😃😃😃 #fattofit #weightloss #mylife #changes #operationlovemyself #healthyeating #healthychoices

1 0 Aug 18, 2017

Another lunch out 🙄🐷

2 1 Aug 18, 2017

Stunning colour change from full head of highlights -To American Tailoring with warm rich tones. created by the amazing senior stylist Emma. "Let the hair do all the talking" #americantailoring #beforeandafter #olaplex #richtones #healthyhair #waveshair #changes

2 0 Aug 18, 2017

I am again brunette Girl 🙋🏻 kasiaaa_es Dziękuję 💗💗 #Friday #changes #dark #hair #atoncebetter #weekend #goodvibes

7 1 Aug 18, 2017


1 0 Aug 18, 2017

Welcome to everyone who has recently liked my page! I would like to say I'm here for you! I want to help anyone and everyone who has ever been interested in using oils. May it be an oil or two or replacing every chemical in your home with oils! Ask me questions and I'll find out! (I do recommend doing your own personal research for personal use) Want to have a party or a one on one? I can do that too! #oilbabee #essentialoils #livechemicalfree #changes #newlife

1 0 Aug 18, 2017

🔅Happy Friday! As you go about your day today pay attention to your thoughts as you see or interact with others. . 🔅Throughout the day, do you notice that you are in the habit of passing judgement? How does it make you feel? . 🔅Often times, when we pass judgment we tend to feel disconnected, sad, and even physically and mentally weak. The act of passing judgment drains our happiness and reinforces the feeling of separation. Judgment divides us, makes us feel insecure, and sometimes even makes us question our own self-worth. . 🔅Think about it… every time you judge, what exactly are you doing? You are creating a perception of someone, often times based off of your own short comings. Jealousy, comparison, and envy are all forms of judgment. . 🔅Example: If I'm looking at an Instagram account that features a fitness model with shredded abs, I might catch myself thinking, "Clearly those abs are photo shopped.” Well, why exactly, am I thinking like that?! If I dig deep and REALLY think about it... I know it's because I am internally a little insecure about my own midsection. Wait... WHAT?! . 🔅Yes. When I bend to the side I have a little fat fold, and when I sit, I have a lower belly roll. Does this make me feel ashamed? NO WAY, I love my curves and I embrace them! But, that's not to say I feel confident 24/7. Some days I dream of having chiseled abs, and if I take a second to think about it, I can see and understand that is EXACTLY why I am would be passing judgment on this particular Instagram model. . 🔅Freeing yourself from judgment will create space for love and happiness. So, today, if you catch yourself in judgment, make it your top priority to find yourself in that person. Find a way to relate to them. . 🔅This practice takes time (I am still working on it!)… but, the better you can master this concept, the more at peace you will feel.

5 1 Aug 18, 2017

Refresh new free hand pieces of fresh blonde balayage to give break up dark root. Created by the wonderful senior stylist Emma. #balayage #colourmagic #beforeandafter #olaplex #summerhair #waveshair #changes #feelgoodphoto #theartteam

1 0 Aug 18, 2017

🌹🌹🌹 #blackhair #newcolor #changes

6 0 Aug 18, 2017

Less is more, right? Decided to have less social media in my life and deleted my FB account. Haven't used it for a while anyway and most of it is totally unnecessary information. Will hang out here :) #aspirations #motivation #lessismore #breaking #twich #minimalism #changes #wordsofwisdom #words #goals #inspirationalquotes #inspiration

5 0 Aug 18, 2017

~ ....... On a Dime. ~

0 1 Aug 18, 2017
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