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Great music with great friends #chanceywilliamsandtheyoungerbrotherband #tylerfarr

40 0 Jul 21, 2017

🎶🎶There's a long list of women I think would agree, I've gotta hard to love tendency. Troubles gotta radar lock on me. I drive way to fast in my hemi truck, sometimes I shock her with my redneck jokes. She laughs and says it's a good that you gotta good soul. I told her my past but she don't care- that's why my futures got long blonde hair. She knows every little thing about me, and she loves me loves me anyway. God knows it can't be easy, and she loves me loves me- wants me.🎶🎶 #shelovesmeanyway #chanceywilliamsandtheyoungerbrotherband After an 800 mile day with everything I own yesterday, thanks to the help of my grandpa, Sharlene deserved a bath inside and out. She's shiny, smellin good, and runnin better than ever. #hemi #ram2500 #dodge #ranchhand #blackrhinowheels #bfgoodrich #alpinestereo #moparornocar #mopar

26 1 Jul 20, 2017
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