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When I first met my husband I was looking at his logging belt that was laying in the back of his GMC 3500. He had the standard worn orange plastic wedges for directional felling, a logger’s tape that measures length but has a sharp hook at the end to jam in a tree, and a first-aid kit. I opened the kit to see that there was an old bandaid, a tourniquet, and a Leatherman knife for as he bluntly put “is for sawing off my pinned leg if I get in trouble.” He’s smart to be prepared. Logging is one of the most dangerous professions in America. Despite the high risk (nearly 30 times greater than the average job.) the median pay is in the low $30k. Safety has been a priority for the forest products industry though and accidental death rates are going down. More mechanized logging machines and training have been part of this trend. These costly machines are beasts in the woods and often eliminate the need for the operator to ever get out of a heated (or air conditioned) cab and often have the bells and whistles of our tech-saturated world with GPS and apps increasing efficiency and safety. Mark started logging during high school. When he started Meadowdale Farm in 1999 he took the Game of Logging courses 1-4. There he learned how to better control his saw, make cuts that don’t reduce the value of potential high grade saw logs, and work more efficiently in the woods with safety being the highest priority. Now Mark is able to pass these skills onto our son and show him how a chainsaw is a powerful tool that deserves respect. It’s how we heat our home, how we built our house, and how Dad puts food on the table. When kids grow up without exposure to traditional rural tools like this it’s easy for them to just think of them as a loud nuisance, or associate them with the destruction of the rainforest, instead of a tool of responsible forest enrichment balancing the needs of humans in as natural a landscape as possible. As the forest products industry becomes more mechanized, workers comp rates soar, and towns become gentrified, unwilling to have a forest products industry in the fabric of their communities it’s likely saws like this will become relics of the past.

4 1 Dec 11, 2017

We've got piles of used STIHL chains to get rid of. From the top to bottom,2- 16" 3/8 .043 55 drive link, 2-14" 3/8 .050 50 drive link, 2-14" 3/8 .043 50 drive link. $5 a piece plus shipping, message if interested. Ill delete after theyre sold. #STIHL #chainsaws #chainsaw

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Is this the next Olympic sport!? . Follow outdoornation365 for more crazy videos! . #icehockey #skates #hockey #chainsaw #lumberjack #nature #ice #valley #outdoors #nature #redneckskating #frozen #pondhockey #wildboy

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fire wood? or end tables... easy decision. #fromtreetotable #woodworking #chainsaw #husqvarna

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What do you think of this years suspected Christmas tees? Expected to drop this Thursday!🔥 #christmas #texas #chainsaw #skeleton #supreme #nyc #red #december #fw17

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Our hearts go out to anyone ever affected by wildfires. NV Earth's bio-based products will ensure no added harsh chemicals during the cleanup of what has been destroyed. Contact us at 1-844-683-2784 or visit for more information.

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Stripped #Husqvarna #550xp #triobreak #chainsaw

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It’s that time of again! Shit happens... so always carry a proven tourniquet and get trained so you know how to use it! #alwaysready #stihl #wood #saws #chainsaw #igmilitia #winter #snow

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