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Please read what follows. Thanks 🙏. I believe this cemetery statue is representing Mary, the mother of Jesus, grieving over the death of her son. I find it heart-wrenching because there is so much to grieve over in our world. Therefore it takes courage to commit to the pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness, as well as a supportive community in that quest. The Florida school shooting yesterday, where an expelled High school student got his hands on a semi automatic rifle, (made solely to kill as many people as quickly as possible, and for no other reason), and killed 17 people, spawns an initial surge of empathetic grief. After, come the calls to “do something for God’s sake.” It’s at this stage that the American culture war hits the stage, one side blustering that mental illness is the cause, and the other spitting righteous indignation at the fact that a high school student could be allowed to access such a weapon of mass killing. What I grieve over is that this culture war, that divides America so starkly, leaves no room for middle ground. The reality is that, of course, both mental illness and gun access are causal factors, as well as others. Instead of encouraging advancement on both fronts, The conversation stalls and polarization wins out. The president, the National Rifle Association, and compromised republican law makers on the one side, and democrats and so-called liberals on the other. As well, the banality of other-worldly religion steps on stage with calls for prayer for the victims (killed and grieving). Mary grieving at the cross sums up for me the human condition in the face of so much meaningless suffering. Stop the words, stand still, grieve, and then act to alleviate the causes of mental illness and easy access to killing machine, for the sake of preserving a civil and sane society. #CultureWar #AmericanCulture #SemiAutomaticRifle’s #KillingMachines #NRA #NationalRifleAssociation #Democrats #Republicans #CulturalDivide #MassShooting #MentalIllness #EasyAccessToGuns #MerryGrievesOverTheDeathOfHerSon #CemeteryStatue #CallsForPrayer #BanalReligion #ReligionCaughtInCultureWar #Grief #Grieving #MaryMotherOfJesus

87 4 Feb 15, 2018

Whose name will be written here...

54 1 Feb 15, 2018

I have posted this beauty in the though...she is caressed and held gently with a cape of the purest snow...always lovely... this guardian angel. #coldspringcemetery #cemetary #cemetery_shots #statue #cemeterystatues #cemeterystatue #snowcovered #snowfall #stoneartwork #stoneartworks

33 0 Feb 11, 2018


29 1 Feb 6, 2018

I like dis can't wait to get a real camera soon <3 #digitalphoto #cemeterystatue #cemeterystatues #graveyard #graveyardstatue

19 0 Feb 6, 2018

Hell's not where we're going, hell's where we've been. #cemeteryphotography #beautifuldecay #beautiful #hell #graveyardgirl #cemeterystatue #cemetaryshots #potd

19 0 Feb 6, 2018

The biggest Jesus statue I’ve ever seen

55 1 Feb 5, 2018

Hiram J. Hampton (1852-1920) He was from Georgia originally and nicknamed the "pistol packing doctor". He owned and operated the Tampa Heights Sanitarium in the late 19th and early 20th century. The inscription reads, "I love my companions and appreciate my friends on earth, and crave that we may have a reunion after death." He is reputed to be the first doctor in Tampa, buried along side his wife who also has a life size statue.

33 1 Feb 5, 2018

. ❤For Emma, forever ago ❤ Emma M. Hampton, wife of Dr. Hiram J. Hampton (1854-1903) She sometimes served as nurse for her husband. They had 8 children, 3 of who died in infancy, and who are all buried in front of them.

39 2 Feb 5, 2018

Not a perfect composition by any means but literally my first time here and I'll never forget it just because ghost baby lol #cemeterystatue #cemetery #graveyard #graveyardgirl #graveyardboy

19 4 Feb 4, 2018


38 1 Feb 3, 2018

Although the style is Classical, none of these statues are Classical Greek this a single dad?

46 1 Feb 3, 2018

The family

45 1 Feb 3, 2018

Fog rolling in...

58 1 Feb 3, 2018
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