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#thatfaceimake #everyfuckingtime I read WETHER instead of #WHETHER. My dearests, wether is a male sheep neutered, castrated. Whether, on the other hand, is a #conjunction #English #language #grammar #abaddayforaredhead #killkillkill #redrum #blackswan #mysweetgirl


95% of the time, when a black male was lynched he was also CASTRATED. It all has to do with fear of genetic extermination. However, it is the white man himself who came up with the extremely racist "one-drop" rule that says just ONE DROP of black blood makes a person BLACK, and thereby disregards my any whiteness (ie, humanity) within a black person. #TheBLACKlawSchool #GETOUT


Sleepy is a 4 months old kitten. He is now at a pet clinic in badaro. He will be castrated and ready for adoption. For more information contact 71649235 #PAL #petsforadoptionlebanonHelp by sharing and tagging________________ #dogs #dog #love #friendship #family #puppy #puppies #friends #foster #adoptdontshop #adopt #pets #pet #animals #adorablepets #adorableanimals #lebanon #lebanese #secondchance #rescued #petsofinstagram #instapets #petsoflebanon #secondchance


THE THREE PURIFICATIONS PART 3The Red Christ is what counts, not the Christ of the prudish, that effeminate, foolish Christ, who put us in the churches, not but the Christ Man, the Christ who has his priestess, his wife, the Christ who travels for The Christ who goes to Hindustan, the Christ who works in Persia and Chaldea, who then arrives in the Holy Land to speak to the multitudes, the Christ who writes in the works of the Initiate, who Has power over the elements, over fire, over air, over waters, over land; The Christ-man, the true man, not the castrated Christ, not the mutilated Christ, not the eunuch Christ, not, but the Christ-Man, male in a hundred percent!So, there is a need to work, but to really work, within oneself here and now in order to achieve what has to be achieved, otherwise nothing is achieved. You have to break with the prejudices of the time, work as you should work, only this way you can get up.The Intimate Christ has its esoteric circle and could never teach the doctrine of the Superman because the people, the multitudes, do not understand the doctrine of Superman. The Christ never publishes his esoteric teachings, if he published them, the people would not understand them, then they would destroy each other.The Secret Christ, the Living Christ, the Red Christ, the Rebel Christ, must write his Doctrine in a very different way for the public, but the secret teaching only teaches those who secretly instructs, nothing else, otherwise Would be understood.There is a need to understand more and more what the Inner Christ is. The people all think of the historical Christ, the Great Kabir Jesus, the Superman who taught mankind the secret doctrine of the Inner Christ. It is up to us to follow the Doctrine of the Intimate Christ, to know the mysteries of the Red Christ. The Inner Christ is what counts, that Inner Christ has to be born in the heart of Man, because, what would it be that the Christ was born in Bethlehem if not born in our heart too? What good would it be if he were killed and resurrected if he did not die and resurrect in us?

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