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😂PERFECT! I want to give a shoutout to lloydigolf and what he’s doing for the face of amateur golfers - Making golf fun again! Thanks for the Jam! Let’s get him to 100K views!! - Repost lloydigolf ・・・ SOUND UP - Tag an Ed Sheeran, golf fan .⛳️. The range isn’t the best place, To score birdies So the course is where I go. Me and my friend, ‘yeah’ we battle it out We swing fast but then we putt slow We play for hours and hours and we use all our powers Just to hit the rough, I’ll swing my arms up if I make the putt Then I’ll start to dance I’m swinging like girl you know I’ll make that putt But I’m putting for bogey because my golf sucks Come on now follow my swing I might be crazy don’t mind me ‘Hey’ lets not cry to much You’re out of the bunker not in the rough So come on now follow my swing Come, come on now follow my swing I’m in love with the shape of the greens But I can never make it off the tee, Last night I shot a 103, I’m in love with this HOBBY .⛳️. DOUBLETAP IF YOU WANT THE FULL VERSION, OVER 1K LIKES GETS IT

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jakes_st / Lookin sharp 🔥

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These BMW M Competition Wheels are a great looking optional extra! 😍 Find your next car on 🚗 (Link in Bio) #BMW #MPerformance #BMWM #CompetitionPack #M4 #BMWM4 #Saloon #SportsCar #CarInstagram #CarLifestyle #Amazingcars247 #CarCliq #MotorHappy #UsedCars

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Badass 488 continentalcars_official Photo: t.incars

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This is a 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus. I’ve rented this car from Turo, which is like AirBnb for cars. Turo has given me a budget to rent and review cars. Now time for the review. When the R8 first came out in 2006, it changed the supercar market. And it was from AUDI! The brand that was known for making cars for old men. In 2009, Audi introduced the R8 V10, which made it even better. The 1st generation lasted from 2006-2015. This one the second generation, started production in late 2015, being unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The exterior of the R8 has always looked good, but this one looks the best, in this Vegas Yellow color, which is a $575 color option. Very simple Audi design. The interior only gets better, with all the tech, in a Supercar! I’ve just recently reviewed a Mclaren 570, which doesn’t even have half of the stuff the R8 does. The R8 V10 is powered by a 5.2 V10, which is the same engine in the Lamborghini Huracan. Good for 533 or 602 hp if you have the V10 plus. The R8 has definitely changed Audi when it came out, and since then, Audi have just gotten better and better.

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Z34 looking 🔥🔥 (Comment below what you think👇🏼)

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