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If this South American part of our trip had a theme, it’d be ‘uncertainty.’ We’ve gone into many important decisions with uncertainty recently but you can only be so prepared for something you’ve never done before. Getting our van to Colombia, trip prep, new language learning, navigating a new city in a new country in a new culture all while getting a lot of important paperwork accomplished = lots of uncertainty. Within the first few hours of getting off of the plane and to our hotel room, we had already had our ‘what the heck are we even DOING’ moment. Sometimes you lean into that feeling and things turn out way better than you expected and other times they explode in your face. So far, it has been more of the former for us (whew). Since we started our journey, we’ve heard from quite a few people (who are embarking on a journey of their own) to ask us questions or share a story. “You’ve inspired me to finally travel!” “I just bought a van!” “ I’m working remotely/freelance now!” To those who are finding themselves standing at the beginning of something, you’ve inspired this post. It’s natural to seek out an “experienced” source of inspiration when things are uncertain but, conversely, we’re finding ourselves inspired by the inexperience of beginnings. ( 📷: our time in Mexico a few months back, which also made us feel uncertain & everything ended up being ⭐️)

4 1 Jul 22, 2017


7 1 Jul 22, 2017

Photography by mikeseehagel. #curaitd

14 2 Jul 22, 2017

Working on a Saturday got me like... ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠ #chanceescapes ♠♠♠ #photosinbeautifulplaces

4 1 Jul 22, 2017

💖💖💖💖 So much to share with you guys😝🙊😋 lets start here, at the very beginning. Where me and stumbled upon a dreamy campsite a few thousand feet above our play ground to be 😍😍 tag friend💪 #welltravelled #mytinyatlas #campvibes #forgeyourownpath #wanderfolk #ourplanetdaily #withoutwalls #exploretocreate

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14 1 Jul 22, 2017

Welcome to Caravan Tropicana ✨🌸🍍🌈🍉🍑✨ #MrPicklesSparkles #Kennexstone #Avondale #CampVibes

11 1 Jul 22, 2017

Panhandle sunsets #sunset #godsartwork #hay #plains #farm #texas #texasfever

28 1 Jul 22, 2017

Happy #nationalhammockday !! This shot was taken last December as we looked out over Cape Town, South Africa from the base of Table Mountain 🇿🇦 #gopro #wohza

28 1 Jul 22, 2017

What would be your ideal scenic getaway? #scenicsaturday #livethecompaslife 📷 by: ryanresatka

50 1 Jul 22, 2017
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