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Photo by camperdreamin On occasion of New Year is coming , wishing all your family happiness and lucky. Most Asked Questions 💬 I saw another account do this and thought it would be a great way to answer some of our most asked questions. 1. How much did we spend on the van? Honestly, we have no idea! We weren’t limited by a specific budget so we just built as we went along and spent what needed to be spent. We saved money by researching every tiny little process. We lost money by being too ambitious and buying wood too early on only to have it warp and become unusable in the heat. 2. What are your main tips for doing your own conversion? If you think you’ve given yourself enough time, double it! Everything takes so much longer that you think. Have an idea in mind for the layout, but don’t get hung up on the specifics. All vans are so unique, they’re curved, they’re uneven, and when it comes to building, the measurements often don’t match the plans. Our advice is WING IT! Now I know this won’t appeal to everyone, but our approach was to just build as went along and let it evolve. It worked! 3. How do we make an income when on the road? Well, we don’t. We aren’t full time vanlifers, in the week we work full time jobs from home and then we hit the road at the weekends (almost every weekend) and holidays. 4. What van is Yosemite? Vauxhall Vivaro, L2 H2. 5. Where did we get our ‘mountains are calling’ cushion/pillow? Red bubble. 6. What Fridge do we have? Waeco CRX 80. 7. Do you we have a blog, you tube, or website? Nope. We only kept track of our build through instagram. Guys, we’re always happy to answer questions, we asked lots when we were building so please feel free to drop us a DM. Sometimes comments get missed so we’re sorry if we don’t always respond. #campingwithdogs #campingtrip #campingtime #campinggear #camping2017 #campingcollective #campingceria #campingfun #campingliv #campingvibes

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💙💟 Prowlin to camp ⛺️ . . . . 💘 📷 Credit: thehuskyjoey🎄❤ 💖 Comment below if You like this 💕 Love to tag? Please do!⤵ 💝😊 #temp #camp #campingwithdogs #tents #campnou #campingliv #campervan #tentacle #camper #tentree #tentangnegeri #campania #campsite #tentoesdown #campingfun #tentwedding #tenthdoctor #tentandoserfit #campingtrip #tentoeschallenge #campingfood #campingday

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When all you need is in the back of your car. Photo by masonstrehl 👥 ⤵ Double tap & tag your friend Love it 😉💖 Would you like to wear CAMPING T-Shirts or Mugs, Legging? Grab yours by clicking the link in my profile Bio 💗 * Via: campingofficial . . . #campinglove #campingseason #campingday #campingvogn #campingwithcats #camping2017 #campingliv #camping⛺️ #campingceria #campingground #campingplatz #campingfood #campingdog #campingwithkids #campingtime #travellombok #campingadventures #camping2016 #campingweekend #campingcar #campingmodeon #travellolife #pnwcollective #glamping #hinataoutdoor #subarubrat #travelling #roamtheplanet #campoften #wildernessculture

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