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Happy 5️⃣ months to my little munchkin!! Where she puts everything and anything into her mouth!! I can't believe you're 5 months old now!! Can't the time please stop and slow down for a little 🙏🏻😩💗💕

1 1 Jul 28, 2017

Bakers gonna bake, (me), & takers gonna take, (these guys). We stayed in our pj's until noon yesterday and other than fighting over the muffin with the most chocolate chips, these 2 got along like best buds. THESE are the days I hope to remember f-o-r-e-v-e-r!!! How is it possible for such tiny humans to have such HUGE personalities that fill my mama heart with soooo much pride + joy! It's so important to just slow down sometimes to soak up these most precious moments of all. // I've shared the recipe for these scrumptious 4-ingredient muffins on XOXO

0 1 Jul 28, 2017

And so... He is almost 3. Getting to know this special little person over the past 3 years has been the best gift. He is such a beautiful and gentle soul ❤️ and always filling our days with laughter. Btw these little suspender pants are from dom.and.friends and they are the best. Such incredible quality and so comfortable for my guys 👖🐻

0 1 Jul 28, 2017

I should be getting ready for our camping trip but I think I'll just stall a little longer, cause why would I want to end this little moment💖

4 2 Jul 28, 2017

I can't be the only one obsessed with teeny tiny baby shoes, right?! ••• fox_molly_shoes, use code MAGGIE25" to save ••• #foxandmollykids #foxandmolly #shoes #babyshoes #stylinbaby #littlefeet #babyfeet #clickinmoms #momtog #momof3 #cameramama #momswithcameras #babyboy #showergifts #babyshowergifts

1 0 Jul 28, 2017

Our stuff might finally be here tomorrow and we are feeling 😁!!

5 1 Jul 28, 2017

Freshly picked 🌻

18 2 Jul 28, 2017

most importantly love like it's the only thing you know how at the end of the day all this means nothing this page where you're sitting your degree your job the money Nothing even matters Except love and human connection Who you loved And how deeply you loved them How you touched the people around you And how much you gave them -rupi kaur #angdoranshootsselfportraits

9 1 Jul 28, 2017

Always choose to dance! #repthepack #wdwolfpack #loveomijo

12 2 Jul 28, 2017
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