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You are hanging out with cameron at his house for christmas. Your cuddling by the fire while christmas music plays on the radio. Its so quiet & peaceful. Then cameron starts to speak. "I got u a present" he says kind of whispering it. He hands u the present & u unwrap it not knowing what it is. "Oh cam! You didnt have to do this!" you say surprised. Inside the wrapped up box is a gold necklace, a diamond ring, & diamond ear rings. "Oh & one more thing" he says. When u look away he pulls out some mistletoe & holds it above u. U turn around & smile at him. U wrap your arms around his neck & kiss him gently. "I love you so much!" you say & he starts kissing u again. Then he stops & says "i love you more". -patricia Merry christmas eve everyone! #christmasimagine #imagine #cameronimagine #cam #camdallas #camerondallas #snow #christmaseve #ily #likeforlike #mistletoe #bells #snowflake #fire #fireplace #magcon camerondallas

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