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21 0 Feb 11, 2018

The Fifteen levels of #tezcatlipoca Lecture by Patricia Juarez, Chicueyi Coatl from #calpulli Huey Papalotl Knowledgeable in arts and science, our Anahuacan ancestors knew how to understand the movements of the Cosmos. They mastered the Cosmic knowledge because they took themselves, their inner selves, as the starting point of all knowledge. They did not explore the outside world first, rather, they took a deep dive into who they really were, into each one of their weaknesses, into each one of their shortcomings and flaws. This painful journey allowed them to then master who they really were, thus, allowing them, in turn, to know their origins as Cosmic beings. The cihuameh (women) and tlacatl (men) who decided to journey into the Science of Tezcatlipoca, the journey of the introspective work, the knowledge of the inner self, had to go through at least fifteen levels of Tezcatlipoca, each one of them representing a weakness that we all macehualtin, human beings, have. At the end of the process, those that had impeccably, humbly and courageously gone through the whole process without failing would become the Tepeyolohtli, the highest degree bestowed to anybody that had ventured into the vastness of the Science of Tezcatlipoca. The Tepeyolohtli cihuameh and tlacatl would then go on to help, lead, heal and serve their communities. We are about to enter a new era, a new Sun, in four years (European year 2021) there will be a New Fire, a new Xiuhmolpilli (count of 52 years), and especially after the recent eclipse, it is about time that we, proud descendants of our Anahuacan Ancestors, recognize and reclaim the Sacred Matiliztli (knowledge) created for us by our dearest Ancestors so that we can prepare ourselves for what it is to come. Our communities need healing, it is time we learn to use this Sacred Matiliztli, #sacredknowledge to heal ourselves #ometeolt

12 0 Feb 9, 2018

Las quiero con todo mi corazón!! #ballet #convivio #INDAncer #felices #amigasdeverdad #calpulli #diversion #misniñas #

32 2 Feb 5, 2018

Lol😂 that scream though calpurniaofficial finnwolfhardofficial

49 1 Jan 13, 2018
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