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As my escape to the mountains came to a close, I began to feel the unease creep back into my stomach and I lay awake wide eyed. My thoughts moved light years faster than my mind was able to process.I envisioned the extraterrestrial green light of the aurora borealis billowing about in the empty crevasses of my brain. Envisioning landscapes that console my anxious personality helps tame the never-ending feeling of overwhelm.Breathing in the pure refreshing mountain air brought an exhilaration back to my soul. The mountains called me home and I obliged. Overwhelmed with exhaustion from all that has consumed my ego in recent days. Cleansing the days I have felt worn out emotionally.Slowly unburying the wild tendencies that each woman hides at some point to camouflage into the confines of societies keep. I refuse to stay behind the invisibility cloak of societies "normal". I am wild. I sent my soul back to freedom, pure bliss. #wildwoman #mountainamama #mindfulliving #erpkulture #southlaketahoe #californiaadventures

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