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・ Have a Happy Sunday! ・ はんにん しってるよ〜🎶 ↓ ↓ 朝起きたら コロンとした💩がひとつ リビングに転がってた... ・ 犯人は... ・ 大きさ 形状 二ホイからして 白いオジたんが じゅうようさんこうにん ・ カーさんデカは 鼻がきくのですよ(。-∀-)ニヒ♪ ・ 楽しい日曜日を〜💩🎶 ・ ・ ・ rusuneko22 さんを応援しています #メイさん の元母たんです🎶 保護っ子を迎えてくれる 温かいご家族を探しています。 よろしくお願いします☺️ * * * #病気と闘うみんにゃへ届け元気玉 #保護猫 #ペットショップに行く前に #殺処分ゼロ #adoptdontshop #tokyozero #三毛猫 #三毛 #calicocat #calicosofinstagram #calico #instacat #catlover #ilovemycat #picneko #猫版ヴォーグ

46 3 Nov 19, 2017

I worship you even when you won’t look at the camera. #cat #calico #calicocat #catmom #animallover #calicosofig #calicosofinstagram #virginia #kitten

13 0 Nov 19, 2017

My beautiful kitty, Molly, has recovered nicely from the surgery she had lady month where she had one of her toes and a portion of the bone removed on her front right paw. *This pic is of her after her surgery last month.* . Unfortunately, on Tuesday afternoon, we noticed very similar signs of what was going on with the front paw on one of her toes on her back paw. We were able to see the vet the next evening. During the exam, she actually found TWO toes that were affected. The nailbeds are turning black and are ulcerated & painful. After consulting with a fellow vet in the practice, we were told that Molly should be seen by a specialist - a veterinary dermatologist. There's a good possibility that she may have an autoimmune disorder or a neo-plastic type of cancer. . Both of these diagnoses were brought up earlier in the summer when she originally presented with sores all over her ears, tail, face and back. We got that cleared up with prescription food, by a diagnosis of food allergies. But immediately after, the infection in her front paw started with an ear infection a couple of sore spots on her face and back. . I adore this cat (I love & adore all 3 of my cats), and I'd do anything within my power to help them. We were able to get an appointment on Tuesday at 9am to see the dermatologist about an hour's drive away, towards Philadelphia. This specialist's office is quite advanced. I'm praying that they will be able to diagnose her quickly & we can plan from there. . So, if you're noticing even less of me online than usual, this is why. I'm completely wrecked!! My eyes are swollen and red from a lot of crying 😢 I can't stand the fact that the sweetest, most loving & snuggly cat in the world would get dealt this shitty hand. Yes, I'm aware that there are people out there with bigger problems, but this is what I'M dealing with right now and it breaks MY heart 💔 If you made it this far, thank you for letting me vent. Or for caring about what happens to Molly. . #molly #calico #kitty #instakitty #MollyAndSammi #catsofinstagram #calicosofinstagram #snugglebuddy #meow #spoiledkitty #adoptdontshop #willowcreekvet #DrZaruskiIsAmazing #CrazyCoolCatLady

18 5 Nov 19, 2017

Leia is such a pillow princess. She goes over to Obi, acting like she is going to lick her. And inevitably she cons Obi into providing licks. #tortiesofinstagram #calicosofinstagram #catsofinstagram

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17 1 Nov 19, 2017

Flood Warnings. Torrential rain storm. Thunder. But we don’t care. We are safe and warm, all snuggly on our new ikeausa pet bed. (Featured: Miss Martyn & Princess Detroit)

13 4 Nov 19, 2017

Cady outlasted her siblings at today’s #adoptionevent at the farmers market. They are, of course, all awake and running around while I’m trying to nap now though. #servesmeright #whonapsanyway #adoptables #houstonadoptables #adoptdontshop #rescuecatsofinstagram #calicosofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #animaljusticeleague

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