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0 1 Feb 25, 2018

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8 4 Feb 25, 2018

Got a big to do list to get through today. At least I have this beauty with me. Going to be refilled a fair amount today 😁❤️✍️☕️ #coffee #coffeetime #dayofcoffee #lotsofcoffee #lotsofcoffeetoday #todolist #busywoman #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #businesswoman #bestjobever #bestjobintheworld #wouldnthaveitanyotherway

2 0 Feb 25, 2018

Please Stay Tune 🤓 I have another surprise for you guys in 24 hours 😃👍 But for now . Off to bed ..😪😴

15 1 Feb 25, 2018

Today I had a massively good eye opener about lifes journey, with a friend of mine. He taught me another part of life that I've been so blinded with, because it's new territory for me. I've never experienced it like they've experienced it. I felt I've been selfish, because I thought it's the same. I guess with inner pain - there's so much love in me, that from the hurt that got me... It's human nature sometimes to get so caught up in our emotions. I had to remind myself to keep doing me and to remain optimistic, but to never lose the humanity in me when it comes to some part of lifes wanders. Be kind. Show humility. Show patience. We're all different. None of us are the same. 'We're either ahead of people or were behind' is some thing I've always been taught. Now, I realised - none of us are behind or ahead of one another. We are where we are, because it's how our journey is meant to go. We're in a process. It's not for anyone to understand anyone's life journey, but to be part of their adventure and make it lively. We have our hard times. We have our good times. We have days, months and years that come back to us like nothing ever happened and than we have the days, months and years come back and make us hold the people we love and cherish, in our arms and kiss their forehead and remind them: heyyy, we have always been here and we never left. We were just doing us... nothing more nothing less.. just it is what it is... life is broad... -F.S x x x 💖🌱🌹 #girlboss #entrepreneur #motivation #success #love #business #inspiration #boss #bosslady #womeninbusiness #beautifulday #goals #cafe #beauty #businesswoman #weekendvibe #style #lifestyle #ladyboss #instagood #femaleentrepreneur #entrepreneurs #inspire #lifeisbeautiful #businesswomen #black #hustle #wordporn #sydney #wizdom

4 0 Feb 25, 2018

#Liftoff ❤ ⭕10 kcal per porsjon, en ypperlig erstatning for mineralvann med sukker. ⭕100 % av ditt ADI av vitamin C, hjelper til med å lindre trøtthet og slitenhet. ⭕100 % av ditt ADI av vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, biotin), for normal energimetabolisme. ⭕Inneholder naturlig koffein fra guarana og koffeinpulver. ⭕Hver porsjon gir 75 mg koffein, hjelper til med å øke kvikkheten og forbedre konsentrasjonen 🙏🙏🙏

8 2 Feb 25, 2018
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