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Pt 2: Today is a day of happiness! ✨ Sometimes Mom reads my stories to me🐾 Do you remember when I first moved in with Mom? I do. I remember being scared, scared of the elevator, my new Mom, the cold wind, noisy streets, church bells, canes, wheel chairs, people, so many people wanting to pet me, legs, all these legs walking around me, other dogs I didn’t know sniffing me, the loud streetcar tracks, sirens, my first off leash scuffle that made Mom cry and my ear bleed, my first night. Oh boy my first night, Mom woke me up every hour to see if I was still in my crate and breathing. Then she woke me up at 6am for my first walk of the day…silly Mom. Bullies love our beauty sleep and don’t need to wake up that early. What a munchkin Mom was my first week with her.😏 I really didn’t like walking around the city at night. I was afraid people would step on me and over me, in front of me, Mom had to pick me up a lot because I’d get caught up in my leash, or I tried to hide between her legs. It can be pretty scary for a country dog her first week in the city. 😱 At night the shadows were awful, they were everywhere and I was sure they were trying to attack me. I couldn’t walk past a doorway because I thought it was a big black hole, but now, now I’m brave and none of those silly things scare me anymore. 💪 It took 1 year but Mom found the perfect ball, you know the pink ball. It's perfect, I’ve made holes all around it so I don’t have to worry about losing it, it’ll never fall out of my mouth, because I stick it on a tooth, but sometimes it gets stuck and I need Mom’s help to take it off.🎾 Mom says I’ve grown a lot in one year, maybe a few extra pounds but as a new dog Mom she’s cool, problem is she is getting smarter by the day, which means I can’t trick her anymore. 😆 I’m happy because we're going to Montreal for Christmas, I loved all the snow, lights, presents, cuddling my new family, I can’t wait for this year, AND said Aunt Angela always makes pasta for Christmas. 🍝 Hhhmm if I make my sweetest face and send her the picture maybe, she'll make me a special lasagna just for me😋 So to get my lasagna & play with thelulubully here's my sweetest face ever😍

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