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Fun times jcast2017 this wknd!! Props to manacontemporary & brooklynrail for a great exhibit. #JCAST2017 #jcart #jcartists #jerseycityart #manacontemporary #brooklynrail #loveart

10 0 Oct 17, 2017

A surprise performance, “Up Against the Wall Motherfucker” by Jonas Mekas for “Fear Eats the Soul” last night manacontemporary Amazing! columbiaschoolofthearts freedomcannotbesimulated beauwillimon aphongalong brooklynrail tomasstudio lncps #feareatsthesoul #columbiauniversity #freedomcannotbesimulated #greengohome #manacontemporary #brooklynrail

90 9 Oct 16, 2017

Mission statement of metabolicstudio which is the name also of #phongbui curation which is open until end of December. this anonymous child posed for this during the opening yesterday! #gogogogogo #brooklynrail

116 8 Oct 16, 2017

Isolation Room, 2017 Is a new work of mine that had an array of video screens that each one plays a part of the social practice engagement that was #strawberryflag metabolicstudio 2009-2010. This piece is dedicated the out veterans many of whom are sleeping on the streets of LA! thank you #phongbui and #brooklynrail for your takeover #manacontemporary curation! Now more than ever we need our #veterans well. #artistsneedtocreateonthesamescalethatsocietyhastodestroy

42 1 Oct 16, 2017

“Artists need to create on the same scale that society has the capacity to destroy” #occupymana #BrooklynRail

30 0 Oct 16, 2017

Work by Lauren Bon laurenmetropolis | This message is important as ever, especially for creatives of color and disenfranchised groups. Our POVs can only remain visible if we continually tell our stories and support others who do the same. We are too focused on impressions, followers, scale, and it’s causing us to lose sight of the greater mission. Your story and your work can work to inspire, save or change one person. If that person is positively affected by your work, then it did what it was supposed to. The work serves as a catalyst for change. #art #creativity #creativesofcolor #jerseycity #manacontemporary #brooklynrail #somanyhashtags

38 0 Oct 16, 2017

Ambitious exhibition at #ManaContemporary by The Brooklyn Rail. A collaborative artist protest of today's political agenda. #resist #brooklynrail

50 1 Oct 16, 2017

What a great feeling to see the hard work of so many talented artists and creators manifest in a single day, as it was today at the manacontemporary Open Studios! • The Universe has a way of uniting paths and creating synergy with those who believe as passionately as we do. • Embracing the blessing that is creating, and supporting those who strive to create, is not only commendable, but also an admirable source of inspiration. • Keep believing and let's make it happen! • #GoGetThatDream

38 2 Oct 16, 2017
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